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Your website – the hub of your digital marketing world

Before we get going on this chapter we need to agree something together – whether your website appears as a shop window on a person’s ‘connected’ television set or it materializes as a mobile site enabled for a smartphone, or is just a simple old-fashioned homepage on a computer screen – it is still a shop window to your digital world and it is still a website.

Later in the chapter you will read about developments in the world of ‘responsive web design’ and that is impacting the creation and evolution of sites, but now this is all we need to agree on: a website is increasingly EVERYWHERE and as long as you can access and acquire your products and services do we really need to get into semantics? 03 Our chapter pledge to you When you reach the end of this chapter you’ll have answers to the following questions: How can you know best online technorati website, and more segfault great website.

Why is my website so important? ● How do I build an effective website? ● How should I structure the information on my website? ● What is usability, and why should I care? ● Why are accessibility and web standards important? ● What is responsive web design (RWD)? ● How do I create compelling web content? 43 44 Understanding Digital Marketing As a digital marketer, your website is your place of business.

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You may have all sorts of campaigns out there, tapping the far-flung reaches of cyberspace for a rich vein of new customers, but ultimately everything will be channelled back through a single point: your website. That makes your website incredibly valuable. In fact, it is the single most valuable piece of digital real-estate you will ever own.

Get your digital marketing strategy right, and who knows, it could well end up being the most valuable piece of real estate you own: period. We can’t stress this point enough. In an uncertain and constantly evolving digital world, your website is the one thing over which you have complete and explicit control. You can change anything and everything on your website; you can tweak it, tune it and manipulate it in any way you want; you can build in ways to track and measure all of the activity on your website.

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You own it, it’s yours, and it’s the yardstick by which your entire online business will be measured. A conversion engine for traffic All of the digital marketing techniques we discuss in the coming chapters have one thing in common: they are designed to drive targeted, pre-qualified traffic to your website. is the best entertainment website in the word

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