Wytheville personal injury 101: When do you need an attorney?

No matter whether you are a victim of medical malpractice or were wrongly hurt in a car accident in Wytheville, you have to protect your rights. The deadline for filing injury lawsuits (or wrongful death claims) is just two years in Virginia. If you don’t take the right steps, you may lose valuable evidence and time. Now comes the basic question – “Do I need to lawyer up?”. In this post, we are discussing the circumstances and reasons to hire a Wytheville personal injury lawyer

You have sustained catastrophic or serious injuries

It is not unusual for people to sustain serious injuries in an accident. If you have sustained minor injuries, you may not need to fight a legal battle. However, if you have sustained catastrophic or serious injuries, which may increase your medical bills and recovery time, you should talk to an attorney. Given that most catastrophic injuries tend to impact a person’s ability to have a normal life and earn like before, the compensation should be considerably higher. 

You don’t know your rights and options

Before you file an injury claim, you should be aware of the state laws and your rights. Lawyering up is a good idea when you have doubts. When you meet an attorney, you must ask questions like – 

  1. How long have you been an injury lawyer in Wytheville?
  2. What do you think of my claim?
  3. What can I expect from this case and my claim?
  4. If the matter ends up in court, can you fight my battle?
  5. Do you have previous trial experience?

A good lawyer is someone who will explain all key details and ensure that you have a fair understanding of your legal options. 

You want a fair settlement

The most obvious reason to hire an attorney is to get a fair settlement. If there is insurance involved, you can be assured that the claims adjuster is not interested in helping you. If the other party has hired a lawyer, it’s evident that they are ready for a legal battle. Get an attorney if you think you deserve a fair and high settlement. 

The good news is you don’t have to pay a fortune to hire a personal injury lawyer. Law firms in Virginia take personal injury cases on a contingency fee. That fee is a part of the settlement, which is only paid when the client wins. Get an attorney now to know your case. 

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