Workplace injuries to avoid 

Workplace injuries are extremely common and affect approximately 2.5 million workers each year in different types of industries. Although you may assume that the workplace is safe, there are many hazards that can increase your risk of injuries while staying productive each day. As an employee, it’s important to be aware of a few tips to ensure you can avoid getting injured while on the job.

Falls and Slips

Slips and falls are the most common types of workplace injuries. Not only are they a liability for the business owner, but they can also affect the mobility of the employee. This is often due to uneven surfaces, icy sidewalks, and tripping hazards that are present. It’s important to wear durable shoes that have proper grip underneath to keep your feet planted on the ground. If an injury occurs and it’s due to the business’ negligence, you’ll want to reach out to a workplace injury lawyer.

Transportation Accidents

Transportation accidents are common and can lead to thousands of deaths annually. Transportation can extend beyond automobiles and can also occur with bikes, watercraft, railways, animals, and aircraft.

If you want to avoid this type of injury, you’ll need to perform proper vehicle maintenance, wear a seat belt at all times, avoid drug and alcohol use, undergo periodic training, and take breaks to avoid working while you’re fatigued.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Many employees are exposed to harmful chemicals and substances in their workplace environment, which can be life-threatening and can lead to hospitalizations. It’s important to wear the required safety gear, which includes goggles, respirators, and face masks. You also need to obtain proper training on how to store and use chemicals properly. You should also have access to insulated tools and wear the proper clothing if electrical hazards are present. 

All chemicals and substances should be clearly labeled to ensure you know the correct products are used when fulfilling your job responsibilities. 


There are approximately 282,860 incidents each year that involve overextension and bodily reaction. This can include using different types of tools on a construction site, using your strength to manually move patients, standing for several hours on an assembly line, sitting for prolonged periods of time at a desk, lifting heavy supplies or inventory, loading trucks, and typing on a keyboard for several hours each day.

Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of overextension by utilizing ergonomic furniture that helps you to remain in a safe posture. You should also be trained on proper lifting practices. Back braces, safety harnesses, and lift aids will also come in handy and can offer additional support to avoid excess strain on different parts of the body. 

Your employer should also provide you with frequent breaks to ensure your body can rest and recharge when you’re performing manual labor. Exercising and getting chiropractic adjustments can also strengthen your body and can help it to remain in alignment while performing repetitive motions throughout the day. 

Workplace injuries are common but can be avoided if you prepare in advance and know how to protect yourself. You can’t always rely on your employer to watch out for your safety, which requires remaining proactive about having a safe workplace to spend time in and access to proper safety equipment.

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