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Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

Chilled foods: a comprehensive guide Edited by C. Dennis and M. Stringer 2 Yoghurt: science and technology A. Y. Tamime and R. K. Robinson 3 Food processing technology: principles and practice P. J. Fellows 4 Bender’s dictionary of nutrition and food technology Sixth edition D. A. Bender 5 Determination of veterinary residues in food Edited by N. T.

Crosby 6 Food contaminants: sources and surveillance Edited by C. Creaser and R. Purchase 7 Nitrates and nitrites in food and water Edited by M. J. Hill 8 Pesticide chemistry and bioscience: the food-environment challenge Edited by G. T. Brooks and T. Roberts 9 Pesticides: developments, impacts and controls Edited by G. A. Best and A. D.

Ruthven 10 Dietary fi bre: chemical and biological aspects Edited by D. A. T. Southgate, K. W. Waldron, I. T. Johnson and G. R. Fenwick 11 Vitamins and minerals in health and nutrition M. Tolonen 12 Technology of biscuits, crackers and cookies Second edition D. Manley 13 Instrumentation and sensors for the food industry Edited by E. Kress-Rogers 14 Food and cancer prevention: chemical and biological aspects Edited by K. W. Waldron, I. T. Johnson and G. R. Fenwick 15 Food colloids: proteins, lipids and polysaccharides Edited by E. Dickinson and B. Bergenstahl.

I set my mind to wondering about how my life would be without cereals or pseudo-cereals. And I concluded that it would be pretty nigh impossible, either from a practical survival, functional or life-worth-living perspective. The day was approaching its conclusion and I was mellowing in my corner whilst sipping a Scotch.


It had been a long one (day that is, not the whisky), starting with a breakfast of porridge oats and a slice of wheat toast. In the brewery, my assistant was experimenting with a beer recipe for folks with coeliac disease, the principle grist components being buckwheat. We had tasted some others, especially the most common ones founded on sorghum and millet, but we thought we could do better.

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