Why you should use Colorful Wig in 2022 ?

The first step in selecting the right wig is choosing which type to pick. Begin by choosing the length of your hair (short length, medium length, long) followed by a texture (straight curly, wavy, or straight) and then a hairstyle (short hair, bangs, bobs, or long).

If you’re new at wearing a wig, choosing the style you are comfortable with is recommended. Making a new style is always possible after you’ve become more comfortable with wearing hairpieces, and that’s when the fun starts. Imagine the flexibility and endless designs you’ll be able to make. Always keep the below things inside your mind while buying a good colored virgin hair bundles.

  • Lace Front – gives the appearance of hair growth that is natural at the hairline.
  • Monofilament allows hair to be parted flexibly.
  • Cap – Open Cap is breathability enhancing effect of scalp heat.
  • Hand-tied allows every hair’s movement around to allow for more choices in styling.
  • A traditional hairstyle that gives volume to the crown.

The Cap Size                                           

Although wigs of average size typically fit most people, several wigs within our selection come in large and small sizes. Most of our wigs have adjustable velcro straps, which can provide the possibility of a half-inch to ensure the most comfortable and secure fitting.

To determine what size hairstyle is best for you, measure around your head, starting from the hairline in front, then in the back of your ears. Refer to the chart below to figure out the size of cap that best fits the diameter of your head. Sizes can differ with different brands, and not all wigs are offered in all sizes of caps.

The Cap Constructions            

The base of a wig can be known as the cap. It is the substance to which hair is fixed to make the wig. When picking a wig, it is essential to think about the various cap designs – each comes with a distinct method of attaching hair and provides its distinct benefits.

The hair type and color

You’re probably wondering which one is best for you. Perhaps both. Human hair and synthetic fiber possess advantages and disadvantages, making them the best selection at different times.

Human hair is the most natural appearance and feel and is extremely soft, with a sparkle and movement that’s difficult to duplicate with synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair has made a significant leap in the last few years due to advancements in technology. The most appealing feature of synthetic hair is that it is often worn straight out of the package without grooming. The hair fiber can store waves, curls, and volume. This lets hair bounce back without effort, and the curl is permanent. You can expect a synthetic hair wig to last for about four months with proper care. The heat-resistant synthetic hair lasts for about two months with regular wear.

Since most styles come with an array of colorful wig options. You can begin to look at the various color choices offered. If you’re beginning to wear hair, try to stick to your natural hair shade for a smooth transition.

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