Why You Should Add Evening Primrose Oil For Your Day To Nighttime Routine

Evening Primrose Oil is the go-to beauty ingredient to turn to when your skin is looking a little dry and dull. There are many benefits that come with adding the extract to your everyday routine. Spanning from hydrated skin, bouncy hair, and for a deep relaxation treatment, Evening Primrose Oil does just that. Because of all these benefits, you can see why an increasing number of people are adding this beauty ingredient into their everyday skincare routine. For those who still need a bit more convincing, we are going to look at the profile of evening primrose oil, its benefits, uses, and more. 

What is a Carrier Extract?

A carrier extract derives from nuts, plants, or seeds, which are made with the intent of reducing the strength of an essential extract. In comparison to essential extracts, carriers just like Evening Primrose Oil are adaptable in the sense that they can be used both in marriage with other ingredients or alone. Despite the popularity of essential ingredients, carriers hold a variety of different advantages for anyone who were to use this. Instances of carrier extracts include grapeseed, jojoba, macadamia, and as mentioned, Evening Primrose Oil. The purpose of carrier extracts is that they work to unlock the true power of the essential extract. Because of this, carriers can be used a range of different aromatherapy and beauty recipes. A big difference between essential and carriers is that carriers have a very subtle aroma, allowing them to be the ideal ingredient to pair with the strong scent of an essential extract. This mixture poses a range of advantages including an enhanced mood, skin complexion, and hair texture. As a result, Evening Primrose Oil is perfect to use in aromatherapy, beauty, skincare, haircare, and for many other purposes. 

What is Evening Primrose Oil? 

Evening Primrose Oil is derived from a plant that grows across the continents of Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Also known as the night willow herb, it is described to contain yellow flowers that remain closed during the daylight hours and opens up at sunset. These flowers have little to no smell, making them the ideal carrier ingredient for an array of skincare products to use in conjunction with perfumery. This extract includes essential omega-6 ingredients such as gamma-linoleic acid. Native Americans originally used the Evening Primrose Oil plant as a remedy for bruises and wounds. They would use the leaf and stem juices as a topical alleviation for skin issues. The leaves were also suggested to assist in sore throats and gastrointestinal issues, making it an all-rounder treatment. During the 17th century, this extract became the popular choice in Europe and referred to as the ‘King’s cure-all’ remedy. These days, Evening Primrose Oil is used as a supplement to assist in a variety of beauty and aromatherapy products. Because of this, it is the fan favourite in a range of different skincare products and DIY remedies.

What are the Benefits? 

Adds Plumpness To The Skin 

One of the major benefits of Evening Primrose Oil is the fact that it’s a nourishing ingredient for the skin. There are dozens of articles online praising the skincare benefits of the extract. These praises range from the prevention of premature skin including fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Because of this, Evening Primrose Oil is a popular ingredient choice among abundant skincare products. As it has a bountiful amount of essential fatty acids including omega-6 it’s perfect for aging and dry skin. As a result, it is the perfect remedy for people with sensitive skin as it is highly moisturising for the skin. It also is claimed to be great for cleansing, making it a good remedy for acne or people prone to breakouts. It is highly important to remember that although it is a suggested skincare remedy it is suggested to please patch test Evening Primrose Oil prior to use to prevent any adverse reactions. 

Perfect Hair For Days 

For those on the lookout for the miracle ingredient to add to your hair care routine, Evening Primrose Oil may just be ‘the one’. Simply massage the extract into your scalp prior to your shower in order to receive all the benefits. Continue your wash routine as normal and you’ll find yourself with smooth and soft hair in an instant. After regularly applying the extract to your hair, you’ll find yourself with healthy, happy-looking strands. Over time your hair will triple in volume, finding yourself with a thick and full set of locks. With its high content of Vitamin E in the ingredients, you’ll definitely be fully moisturised from head to toe with Evening Primrose Oil at your side. 

Massage Remedy 

As mentioned in the previous section, Evening Primrose Oil is a great addition to apply to the skin for its nourishing and beneficial ingredients. Because of this, it is perfect for a massage treatment, increasing elasticity and moisture into dry and dull skin. For a quick remedy, you can combine this 10 mL of this extract with 5-6 drops of your favourite essential oil. The perfect essential ingredients to pair with this carrier include bergamot, lavender, and ylang-ylang as a few suggestions. If you are looking to leave your skin with a silky-smooth texture after your massage treatment, Evening Primrose Oil will do just that. 


Eye Cream 


  • 7 teaspoons Evening Primrose Oil 
  • 1 teaspoon of Shea Butter 
  • 1 teaspoon of Chamomile Hydrosol 
  • 1 teaspoon Yellow Beeswax Beads 
  • ¼ teaspoon of Matcha Extract 
  • 4 drops of Sweet Orange Extract 


  1. Add Evening Primrose Oil and all the other ingredients to a bowl. 
  2. Place the bowl on top of a saucepan full of boiling water. 
  3. Keep heating the ingredients while stirring with a spatula until it is all melted.
  4. Continue to whisk until you start to see a cream consistency. 
  5. Place in a tiny mason jar and keep cool. 
  6. Once cool, you can add it to your skincare routine by placing the cream in your under eyes for depuffing effect. 

Face Serum


  • 2 tablespoons of Evening Primrose Oil 
  • 1 tablespoon of Jojoba Extract
  • ½ tablespoon of Rosehip Extract 
  • 4-6 drops of Frankincense Extract 
  • 5 drops of Helichrysum Extract 
  • 5 drops of Lavender Extract 
  • 2 drops of Bergamot Extract 
  • Small Glass Mason Jar for storage 
  • Glass rod or spoon for mixing


  1. Combine all the Evening Primrose Oil and all the other essential extracts into the mason jar. 
  2. Stir with a glass rod or spoon to even out the mixture. 
  3. Do your nighttime routine as normal. 
  4. After you apply all your lotions, add in the serum to lock in the moisture. 

Soap Mixture 

Ingredients & Equipment 

  • 23 grams of Evening Primrose Oil 
  • 14 grams of Rose Essential Extract 
  • 180 grams of Sunflower Extract 
  • 180 grams of Coconut Extract 
  • 30 grams of Shea Butter 
  • 30 grams of Rosehip Extract 
  • ½ tablespoon of Rosehip Extract 
  • 170 grams of distilled water and Sodium Hydroxide (lye)
  • Kitchen Scale 
  • Stainless Steel Pot 



  1. Begin the process by weighing each and every ingredient including Evening Primrose Oil using a kitchen scale. 
  2. Prepare the lye solution by placing the distilled water into a stainless steel pot. 
  3. Gently add in the lye while consistently stirring. As a result, you will find that this will create a reaction, leading to your water heating up. Make sure the water doesn’t boil and when heated, set it aside to cool down. 
  4. Once the lye mixture cools down, you can add the other oils to the stainless steel pot. Gently heat the mixture until each extract is melted. 
  5. Do your daily skincare routine as normal. 
  6. After you apply all your lotions, add in the serum to lock in the moisture. 

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