Why should I invest in Fiber Optic Internet?

Be it online shopping, playing video games, video calling our loved ones living abroad, or working from home, we need our internet connection to be fast and reliable. You must have heard all the good things about fiber-optic connection and wondered if it’s a good investment for you. You’ve reached the right place because we are going to give you all the good reasons why you should be investing in a fiber-optic connection.

A fiber optic internet installation has numerous benefits for residential as well as business users. This service is way faster than the cable service with speeds around 20 times faster at 1 Gbps. But that’s not it, there is a lot more you need to know before upgrading your internet connection and see if it’s worth it.

So without any further ado let’s begin:

1. More Bandwidth

Fiber optic internet is capable of a great bandwidth.  Cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarCRM, etc. are commonly used by businesses and these services demand a heightened bandwidth to share data and information instantly.

The bandwidth of the internet connection may vary according to the internet service provider you’re getting your fiber optic connection from. Different ISPs have different plans based on speeds. For instance, ATT internet services are best known for their Fiber Internet plans with speeds going up to a Gig and 99% reliability of bandwidth delivery. And when it comes to the bandwidth of the internet, it’s always ‘the more the merrier’.

2. Better speed of the internet

What is our priority while opting a choose an internet service? Of course, speed!  Fiber optic is a lot faster than even the highest-speed copper internet connections. The usual speed you get with a fiber optic connection is 1 Gbps which is 10 to 20 times faster than the average 50 to 100 Mbps cable connections offer.

For example, if two hours of HD movie takes 30 minutes to download from a DSL, 25 minutes from 4G LTE, and 7 minutes from Cable internet, it will only take 40 seconds from Fiber optic internet with the speed of 1Gbps. With this technological advancement, you have to keep waiting for things to load.

3. Unlimited Data

With the ultra-high-speed and broad internet spectrum, fiber optic internet provides you the opportunity to browse unlimited data.

4. Lower latency

Low latency describes a data processor where the network optimizes to process high volume data messages with minimum delay. The quality of fiber optic cable is a huge factor in reducing latency in a network. Latency in fiber optic is lower in the long-distance because of the less need for repeating and processing the signals.

5. Reliability connection

Fiber is less prone to damages like cable copper-based systems. It provides complete and consistent coverage. Moreover, it is not dependent on the phone service, equipment, or termination points.

It does not slow down with an increase in traffic and can handle more users and data at a consistently higher speed. It is less likely to go down during a power outage which makes it a more reliable internet service to opt for.

6. Better security

Fiber optic internet is a cost-effective way of gradually increasing your internet security. It is considered the healthiest, most secure, and energy-effective network to stream video data. Not only does fiber optic internet allows data to travel at the speed of light it also makes data signals extremely difficult for hackers to intercept. Having a fiber-optic network also means you can tackle any issue that arises with equal or superior speeds to the hackers.

7. Value of money

A fiber-optic network will cost you more than a cable network but it will save you from the long-term contracts with your local ISP. It is also more durable and cheaper to maintain. It saves you from hardware expenses. . If fiber optic cables are installed properly they don’t need to be replaced for decades. Overall fiber-optic internet is a more cost-effective investment for the long term to make.

Is Fiber Optic Internet a good investment?

After all the reasons we have put together, a clear answer to this question is YES! Fiber optic is a good investment. The key reasons to invest in fiber-optic internet are its super-fast speed, bandwidth potential, and total cost of ownership. Fiber-optic internet offers a symmetrical speed for both upload and download files, which makes it a time-saving option for the users.

It is sturdier than cable internet as it can withstand 100-200 pounds of pressure which means it’s far less likely to get damaged during daily operation. Data security, business productivity, and customer satisfaction are all good reasons to invest in fiber-optic internet. It also provides high-quality TV service and better gameplay as it is a better option to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Summing it up

Fiber optic is a future-proof technology so investing in fiber-optic internet will not make you regret your decision. Its symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads make it more reliable for businesses. In addition to these benefits, fiber-optic internet does not require expensive hardware, you only need to invest in a good wireless router to support it. So if you’re planning to get a good internet connection for your home or business you can put your trust in fiber-optic internet technology.

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