Why Selenium Automation testing is Important for Organizations and Web Developers

Automation Testing is one of the advanced technologies that has taken the industry by storm. Automation Testing has helped the developers to customize the testing experience and also enhance the user experience of the apps. During the initial years of software development, manual testing was the sole process to conduct test cases. However, the companies used to lose a lot of time and manpower due to manual testing. One of the major reasons behind this claim is the excessive time that manual testing takes to complete all the test cases. Various market surveys suggest that it takes up to 5 days to complete all testing processes with manual testing.

The primary goal of Automation Testing was to solve all the shortcomings in Manual Testing. It is one of the most important innovations for all web development companies and organizations. So, in this article, we will understand everything that you need to know about automation testing. We will also try to find out the major reasons to justify the automation of test cases.

The Creation of Test Automation

We can define automation testing as an impulsive action taken by the entire web developing community. The initial years of application development were completely dependent on manual test cases. It had various limitations and it negatively impacted the proper functioning of the application. One of the major limitations of manual testing was that it massively delayed the final release of the web application. Another instance of manual testing negatively impacting the test cases is if the developer finds a single error in a process, he has to repeat the entire test case. These were the primary areas that needed to benefit from automation testing. We can understand the basics of Automation Testing from the name itself. It is the process of conducting repetitive and redundant test cases automatically. Latest Website magazineview and magzine

All the automated test cases are dependent on the testing scripts. One of the major advantages of automation testing is that the developers can reuse a massive portion of the test script. Moreover, the scripts are also very easy to create and maintain. However, the developers must remember that the initial charges of introducing Automation Testing is quite high. This amount might seem even more absurd for individual creators and small businesses. Experts believe that companies should consider Automation Testing as a long-term investment to understand its real potential. This mindset will help them to analyze the profits that this process can deliver over the years.

Importance of Test Automation

Automation Testing has managed to revolutionize the web Development Industry. It has achieved this goal with the help of interactive features and major advantages. Let us explore some of the vital advantages of test automation:

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  • Automation Testing helps the developers to automatically perform regression testing. Regression testing is one of the most time-consuming and exhausting testing processes. With this point, we can also justify that Automation Testing has a vital role in maintaining work satisfaction for automation testers.
  • Automating the repetitive processes helps the developers to enforce their time in other innovative and creative areas of the development project. This means they can create vital features for future updates of the web application.
  • Automation Testing helps the companies to maintain a healthy collaboration between the different teams involved in a web application development life cycle. This means that the development, production, quality assessment and testing teams can work together for creating a high-quality web application.
  • Automation Testing also helps web developing companies to incorporate DevOps and Agile methodologies in the test environment. With the help of these methodologies, companies can improve the web developing potential of the team.
  • Recently many companies are adding advanced Technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud-based services with automation testing. These services can help the companies to bring down the development caused by a huge margin.

Reasons to Justify the Automation of Test Cases

Many developers use the example of initial investment as an excuse to negatively criticize automation testing. However, from a wider point of view, we can understand the real potential of automation testing. Let us consider the example of some test cases to understand how Automation Testing can benefit your company:

  • Regression testing: Regression testing involves verifying the proper functioning of all the critical elements in a web application. With the help of this testing method, the developers can provide a smooth and seamless experience to the customers. The total regression on a web application is directly proportional to the number of updates. This means that the amount of regression on the web application will increase with the number of updates that the company releases.
  • Unit Testing: For ease of testing, the developers divide a web application into multiple tiny fragments. These fragments are often referred to as units in a test report. Unit testing is probably the most beneficial area to introduce automation testing. This is because it is very easy to create and maintain the test cases for this testing process.
  • Data-Driven Testing: For interactive web applications, the app must be able to handle various user interactions. In this testing process, the developer enters various random sets of data to analyze how the web application reacts to it. The developers can use conditional Automation Testing to automate data-driven testing. Conditional test automation involves using a specific set of parameters for performing test automation.

Involvement of Tools in Test Automation

Automation Testing may seem to be simple but it is quite complex if we consider all the testing processes. The developers who are new to the world of automation find themselves in a massive ocean if they try to conduct Automation Testing all on their own. The best way to solve this issue is to take the help of multiple tools and frameworks. Currently, there are thousands of tools and frameworks that are available in the market. This is yet another challenge for the developers as they might feel confused due to the number of options. Moreover, a company shouldn’t integrate a random tool in the testbench.

To find the perfect tool according to the requirements, a developer has to perform thorough market research and an intensive tool-selection process. With the help of market research, the developers can collect various data including modern automation trends. On the other hand, the tool selection process will help companies to find the perfect tool according to their specific requirements. This requirement includes the total allocated budget for a development project, the personal needs of the developer and the specific demands of a development project. We can use the example of a cloud-based test automation platform to understand the role of a tool.

Lamdatest is a platform that helps developers to check the compatibility of the web application on multiple browsers. With the help of this tool, the developers can run the test cases on thousands of different Browsers and operating systems at the same time. Lamdatest conducts all the test cases with the help of a high-security Selenium grid. This feature helps the companies to verify all the sensitive data that is stored in the web application. Lamdatest also supports the parallel testing of the web application. With the help of this feature, the developers can run multiple test cases on the web application at the same time. With Lamdatest, the developers can also verify the proper functioning of all the locally hosted web applications. Currently, thousands of companies, internationally use this platform to conduct all the browser compatibility testing processes.

Another important feature in the tool selection process is performing a loyalty check. This feature helps the companies to verify the trustworthiness of a tool before integrating it into the test bench. The most optimal process of completing this step is to check for reviews on various online forums. In these forums, the developers can find the honest feedback of all the developers who are currently using the tool. Another massive benefit of using the Selenium tool is the huge community that comes with it. This community mainly comprises Tech enthusiasts who are always working hard to improve the testing experience of the developers. The developers can refer to this community whenever they are stuck while performing automation testing.

The Limitations of Automation Testing

To understand the full potential of automation testing the developers must have a clear idea about its limitations. One of the major misconceptions related to automation testing is that it can replace manual testing completely. It is a myth because certain testing processes are impossible to conduct without manual human intervention. We can justify this claim with the example of visual testing and exploratory testing. In visual testing, a human developer has to verify the proper placement of all the visual elements manually. On the other hand, Exploratory testing is completely dependent on the knowledge and experience of a human tester. In this form of testing, the developers have to find all the bugs and errors that were previously undetected by the automation test script. So, the expert advice is to maintain an optimal balance between manual testing and automation testing.

Developers should also focus on certain tools that can help them to maintain a proper integration between both of these testing processes. Another important factor to consider in automation testing is the importance of testing on real devices. This process helps the developers to get an actual idea about the end-user experience. Moreover, it is impossible to simulate user interaction with the help of virtual machines or emulators.

The Conclusive Views

The primary focus of this article was to justify the importance of test automation. In this modern competitive industry, the developers must try everything to maintain market dominance. The company should also focus on providing proper training to automation testers. This is because only a knowledgeable and experienced automation tester can utilise the full potential of an automation test bench. Experts also believe that Automation Testing will continue to dominate the web development market in the coming years. All the companies should try to integrate it into the test bench as soon as possible. A recent survey shows that almost 40% of web developing companies are yet to integrate automation testing. Developers must consider automation testing as one of the factors that will boost their careers in the future. So, it is very essential to pay proper attention to this advanced testing mechanism.

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