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Why Pick House and Land Packages Over Building Your Own Home

Imagine this: you wake up to a sweet citrusy smell in the air. A cool, pleasant breeze fills your lungs with delight as you sip your morning coffee, looking up at the clear blue sky and grand mountains. That is owning a designer home in Redlands, Australia. But should you construct your own or buy a package? Here are the benefits house and land packages in Redlands have to offer.

What Do You Get in a House and Land Package?

Traditionally, setting up residence involves buying property and building infrastructure on it. But as the real estate market improves the quality of goods and services available, the consumer gets more freedom from the nitty-gritty of this process.

Much like buying clothes, buying ready-made is always easier and quicker than making a painful trip around the market trying to gather everything you would need to make them.

When buying a house and land package, you not only buy the land, but the builders also construct the home for you. A team of talented professionals come together to create these packages using state-of-the-art technologies and brilliant designs.

Tax Incentives

Financial first: When investing in house and land packages in Redlands, you can apply for government subsidies and tax redemptions. The most obvious place you save is on stamp duty. A real estate broker streamlines everything for you so that settling down is not spread over a decade but a quick year. You can also claim a tax lessening on depreciable assets.

Ready to Move In

Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners, engineers, interior designers; the list goes on. Waking up in your dream home sometimes takes many years and money. With these packages, real estate buyers need to spend no effort or time coordinating the logistics of home design. The builders take care of it for you, so you can simply pack your bags and move right in.

So, can you make any changes? Of course, you can! That’s a myth about “buying ready-made.” In most cases, builders leave plenty of wiggle room so you can add elements that make it feel like home to you. How much you can change might depend on when you make your purchase. The sooner you buy, the more you can customise.

Save the Maintenance Costs

When builders design these homes, they use the best equipment. The real estate market wants to sell more. They can only sell more if people want to buy what they are selling — if people believe the builders do a good job. That’s why most house and land packages usually allow owners and renters to live worry-free about maintenance. With installations of the highest quality, it might take years before the first maintenance problem arises.

Vouching for Property Value

Since builders sell multiple such properties in clusters, they strategise about location. The good house and land packages in Redlands are located in areas with high potential for development, such as Wellington Point and Alexandria Hills. As industries and businesses like shopping malls and fresh food markets flow into these regions, the property value shoots up. As Redlands acquired the status of a city in 2008, developmental projects are flourishing. If you’re a land owner by profession who rents out properties, land packages are always safe bets.

Invest in the Best

As an investor in a house and land package, you would rarely have to worry about finding renters. Such real estate projects rarely go unnoticed. They house high-safety communities that are a preferable option to renters. The great design, modern finishings, reputed builders, and neighbourhood accessibility make them a go-to.

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