Who Can Help You After A Car Accident?

We try our best to avoid road accidents since it’s highly likely that they can be life-threatening. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer after an accident, however, most people would want to seek compensation for the injuries they observed.

While you can ask for compensation without legal representation, a reliable Kennewick personal injury attorney suggests otherwise. It is better to hire a personal injury lawyer if you suffer from a significant loss after being involved in a car accident. By doing so, one can know all their cards and get the best possible result.

A skilled car accident lawyer can help you a lot after the incident and file a claim with the insurance company. A good lawyer negotiates with the insurance company on your behalf. He can help you get the total compensation after a tragic accident.

Services Offered by a Car Accident Lawyer

1.Investigates the Accident Completely

It is not an easy task to investigate a car accident with every minor detail. It is crucial because it is the only way to identify the party at fault. Expert accident lawyers have the experience and resources to investigate the case. 

He will also contact the accident reconstruction experts if needed. You cannot perform the investigation without any expert help. So, a car accident lawyer can help you after a car crash.

2. Identifies All the Potential Sources of Compensation

The expert lawyers will keep a sharp eye on the causes of an accident. More than a single party might be responsible for the accident. For example, many parties will pay the compensation if your car had an accident with a truck. 

The truck driver, the truck manufacturer, and the trucking company will pay you for your loss. An attorney will identify all the possible sources of compensation. He will negotiate with every party. So, you will be able to demand the total compensation amount.

3. Documents All the Damages

You will pay for all the expenses after suffering from an accident. In a rush, you might forget to keep the receipts safe. An attorney will gather all the essential documents and maintain a proper record. The documentation will check your claim. Your lawyer will also help you calculate your expenses or losses in the coming future.

4. Consults with Experts

An experienced lawyer will contact various experts in case of a severe accident. For example, medical experts will give the correct opinion about your current condition. Mental health experts will help with the mental anguish. 

A highway safety expert can also help you. He can provide the road conditions that might have led to the accident. You cannot generally contact so many experts at a time. A professional attorney will help you in this regard.

5. Manages All the Settlement Negotiations

Insurance companies try their best to avoid paying for large claims. The reason is apparent. If they have to pay the profits, they will face significant losses. The companies try their best to reduce, delay or deny the payment. 

So, they offer less settlement in case of an accident. They try to make the victim happy that he received at least something. A professional lawyer understands all such tricks. A car accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company. 

He will get you a fair settlement without wasting your time.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney Soon After the Accident

Accident victims have to face a lot of problems after a car crash. They might be suffering from injury. Some of them stay confused about going back to work. Meanwhile, others feel worried about the loss and expenses. 

Thus, you need to contact a car accident lawyer or page a law firm soon after the car crash. Here are some reasons you should seek help from an attorney right after the accident.

1. Evidence Might Disappear

Many pieces of evidence appear after an accident. This evidence includes tire marks on the road and parts of the vehicle on the site of the accident. This evidence will disappear over time. The party at fault might also remove the evidence. 

It will make it difficult for the victim to prove an accident in court. The evidence is more effective if you gather it soon after the crash. Ordinary people do not know such minor details. An attorney will perform the work as soon as you inform him about the accident.

2. Witnesses’ Memory might Fade.

The most crucial testimony in the case of a personal injury claim is eyewitness testimony. You need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible so he can talk to the eyewitnesses. As time passes, the witnesses might forget important details about the accident. 

They might not be sure about over-speeding or any other driver fault. Eyewitness testimony is only valid if the witness remembers how the accident occurred. Over time, their memory blurs, and you might lose the solid evidence.

3. Documentation might Not be Adequately Performed.

When you suffer a car accident, you should get compensation for every damage. So, you must have documents of all the losses and expenses related to the accident. As a non-expert, you may fail to keep the records properly. A car accident lawyer understands the complexities of the law about compensation.

Your attorney will keep all the records. These include medical expenses, transportation costs, and other appointments.

4. Statute of Limitations

There is a time limit for filing a car accident case in various countries which is the so-called statute of limitations. If this limitation expires, the court dismisses your lawsuit. In this case, the victims receive nothing in the form of compensation. 

You might think you have enough time to file a lawsuit, but it’s not. You should hire a lawyer because he collects all the required evidence. He gathers the documents and consults the experts. After gaining complete information, he represents your case.


After a car accident, you might go through some severe medical and mental stress. A car accident lawyer can reduce your stress. He can help you with the claims and compensation amount. Contacting an attorney as soon as the car crash happens is better. They will use all the legal ways to help you. They can deal with insurance companies and at-fault parties.

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