Which Questions Should You Ask a Potential Personal Injury Attorney?

Securing a better compensation or settlement for your losses and injuries after a serious accident might be challenging. Add other emotionally tasking and financial issues, such as lost wages and medical expenses, and everything becomes more complicated.

During this time, legal experts at Recovery Law Center suggest that you hire an experienced, reputable, and qualified lawyer. Your attorney will protect your rights and interests and, at the same time, provide you with legal guidance.

Before you hire any lawyer, it is also recommendable that you interview two or three attorneys. In the interview, be sure to ask every potential attorney the following questions:

1. Can Your Deal with My Case?

Good attorneys know what their limits are. They will only devote their time, energy, and professionalism, and not more than that. The right attorneys also believe in the people, plus the cause they represent. This means they won’t sign up any client if they know that their case won’t get the attention it needs.

A one-individual law firm is likely to experience issues related to time available. That is why a more established and larger law group with multiple record specialists, paralegals, and attorneys, is more suitable.

In any situation, ensure your lawyer has the energy and time to become conversant with your personal injury case and will be ready to fight for your rights.

2. What is Your General Experience?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask a potential personal injury attorney. However, it is worth noting that simply asking about the expert’s experience won’t get you far.

You must be specific. Consider asking the number of awards they’ve received and whether they are part of any organization. You may as well ask about their success stories and if they always prepare when going to trials.

3. How Exactly Does Your Fee Work?

Be sure to ask for an explanation of the expert’s fees and estimate how much your personal injury case is worth. Although no amount will be given, an attorney might estimate how much you should expect to get from the settlement.

Mostly, all reliable personal injury attorneys are based on contingency fees. This simply means that, in case you don’t get compensated, you won’t pay your attorney.

Your attorney’s fee needs to be based on a particular percentage of the settlement amount you get. This must be spelled out in a written client-lawyer fee contract you sign.

4. What is Your Specialization or Niche?

There are about five different fields of personal injury law. Each one of them is unique in its own way. From medical malpractice law to workplace compensation law, countless statutes are in flux constantly.

So you must be sure that you hire an attorney who has specialized in the case you are dealing with. If you are dealing with an auto accident case, ensure you hire a car accident attorney.

The Takeaway!

When hiring a personal injury attorney, you must ask relevant questions to ensure you will be working with the right person. Always prepare a list of questions you’re curious about, and request a potential attorney to offer you general advice, usually provided to individuals in such a situation. Remember that attorneys are accustomed to getting questions of all kinds. So be sure to ask whatever comes to your mind.

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