What your preschooler needs to know – Essential things to teach preschooler according to expert

If you have children in, or about to start preschool years, then it is important for you to create the necessary conditions that promote an adequate development in the social sphere, as well as the emotional, physical and cognitive areas. Nowadays, there are plenty of resources aiming to provide you with effective guidelines that help you navigate through this stage, from childcare apps to a broad variety of books. Regardless of the source you choose, you want to make sure that it covers certain subjects in depth, enabling your child to successfully achieve key milestones. In this article, we will let you know what are some of the essential needs you can’t skip when guiding your preschooler child. So get ready to learn and keep reading.

The basics of the alphabet

During these important years, your kid will be required to identify the 26 letters of the alphabet. Most of the time, they start with uppercase and just stick to this, but other methods also involve the lowercase letters. One of the first tasks they will accomplish is learning to read their name, as well as writing it down, some other basic words will also be taught to them, such as day, water, mom, dad, love, to name a few. Your preschooler will start mastering the names of each letter along with the sound it makes. In order to be a meaningful support, you can incorporate games at home, including fridge magnetos of each symbol, and you can also play a didactic song related to this topic. Another very effective way to ignite in your children the love for reading and writing is by reading to them, and here consistency is crucial in order to create a habit, but it will for sure pay off.

Learning forms, colors and items

Although your child will probably be already able to identify most basic colors, shapes and names of items in his environment, the teacher in turn will keep reinforcing this knowledge as well as adding new concepts to your kid’s knowledge. Although keeping up with your kid’s learning in all subjects may seem a bit defiant at first, there is some great news, and the truth is that in fact you can take advantage of any time you spend together, such as when you are reading different books together. Look at this valuable time as an opportunity to back up and boost the learning of your son or daughter.

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Elemental numbers

Most likely your preschooler child will be learning the numbers from 0 to 9, including the shapes and names of each of them. It will also be necessary for them to count them in the correct order. Regarding this activity, you can go over the numbers you find at paintings, books, gardens, for example by counting the number of flowers on an area or fingers in your hand. A helpful idea is to ask easy questions to your kid, such as “how many apples do we have in the bowl?”.

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