What you probably didn’t know about arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting, sometimes called arbing, is a surebet way to make profits in sports betting. Some bettors mistakenly believe that only luck can help you grow your bankroll here. Others, trust skilled handicappers. However, with arbitrage betting, you never have to incur losses. Any bet you place will always be profitable, regardless of the outcome. These may sound like bold claims but you’ll see the full truth in this article.

What exactly is arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage betting involves placing several bets on all outcomes of a match. In other words, you back and lay the same result on a sporting event. By doing so, you exploit most, or all, of the mathematical differences between the available odds. When done correctly, arbing guarantees profits regardless of the bet that wins. Interestingly, you don’t need to be well conversant with sports to profit from arbing. You only need to identify and seize the opportunities.

To place an arb, you pick one event and place two or more bets on that particular event. However, you must use two or more bookies. This will help you lock in a risk-free return. Remember, bookmakers set different odds. Sports betting isn’t like the financial market where there is a single standard line. This is precisely what gives rise to arbitrage.

Are there risks in arbitrage betting?

By eliminating any chance for loss, arbitrage betting remains risk-free. The only notable downside is that odds change at a lightning-fast speed. So, they can move before you place all your bets. For instance, imagine there is an arbitrage situation between Pointsbet and Fanduel. You place a bet in Pointsbet, but by the time you get to Fanduel, the odds have already changed. This explains why arbitrage opportunities don’t last for long. Again, most bookies discourage arbing. If they notice any arbing activity in your account, you risk account closure. All in all, the whole process is risk-free. If you place your bets correctly, you won’t lose a single dollar.

How to arbitrage bet and not get caught

As enticing as it may sound, arbitrage betting may cost you your sportsbook account. It can be frustrating if you are unable to sign into your account. Worse still, there is nothing you can do about it. But if you understand how to prevent such restrictions, your sports betting experience will be great. Usually, sportsbooks make money when you bet. If you keep winning every time, it will be bad for their business. That’s why they ban or even permanently suspend accounts owned by arbitrage bettors.

However, if you think like a bookmaker, you can avoid that. These guys don’t have a failsafe way to detect arbing. So, you have a way to get away with it. Having said that, the following tips should help you avoid getting caught:

Avoid depositing and cashing out money frequently. Frequent transactions are red flags that draw suspicion. You obviously don’t want that.

Use reliable arbitrage betting software. There are plenty of surebets software, most of which are affordable. Some, like OddsJam, are even available on mobile. Generally, arbitrage software will help you arb safely and anonymously. Besides, they are usually fast, so they can help you place bets before the odds change.

Every time you bet, use different bookmakers. It’s not always comfortable spreading your bankroll across multiple platforms, but this will greatly minimize the chances of being caught as an arber.

Don’t always place max bets. You indeed need the maximum possible wagers to get the best out of arbing. However, this is one of the key areas most bookies observe when identifying arbitrage bettors. To avoid suspicion, you may need to choose lower wagers sometimes. At least to keep your account active.

Final Words

In conclusion, arbitrage betting is a great way to make a fortune out of sports betting. It also brings more fun to the activity. However, arbing requires less experience and more attention. Only keen bettors can identify arbitrage opportunities. Even so, arbitrage software makes the ground level for all. These services identify arbing opportunities for you and help you seize them.

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