What to Look for When Finding a Vape Store in Australia!

If you are looking for a vape store in Australia, and you want the best vape juice Australia can offer, it’s actually not that hard to set up some criteria. However, if you have just been going to any old corner store or convenience store, you are indeed looking in the wrong place if you want the best vape juice Australia can offer.

This doesn’t come down to shopping for brands or flavors, the best brand and/or flavor, form factor, etc. are entirely subjective, of course. It all comes down to finding the best place to get what you are looking for, and this is all about understanding the nature of retail and its pros and cons versus online shopping. There is no doubt that you have heard plenty of apologetics for online shopping in your life, especially in recent times with this whole pandemic nonsense. The pandemic isn’t over, it is worth noting, meaning that that alone is suitable motivation to do as much of your shopping online as you feasibly can, but there is more to it than that. Soon, this pandemic will be over, and you will be left with a choice as to whether or not you want to resume patronizing brick-and-mortar locations as your primary source for various products you need and want. I would discourage this, especially when it comes to vape products, and here is why.

First, let me point out that I am not discouraging the occasional visit to your favorite vape store, if you have one, but I am suggesting that you look for one that cooperates with online shopping either through their willingness to order stuff for you or offering an online portal or cooperation with an online portal so that you can order your flavors and pick them up there.

The biggest problems with brick-and-mortar retail all come down to numbers unsurprisingly. Brick-and-mortar locations have more overhead due to rent, utilities, insurance, employees etc., and this in turn drives up the price of the product. This is not unethical, as these businesses do exist to turn a profit, and that overhead has to be grounded to some sort of lightning rod, and it unfortunately is going to be the customer. Crap rolls downhill as the old-timers say.

This isn’t the only issue, however. There is also the issue of shelf space, shelf space being extremely limited in any location. Even big-box retail stores still have finite shelf space meaning that they can’t offer everything everyone could possibly want even within specialties in most cases. They can only afford to give shelf space to things that actually sell, and if you are an outlier in your area preferring a brand or flavor or model of vape that isn’t popular enough to be on shelves, they aren’t likely to stock it for you. However, given that most vape stores are employed by very positive, customer service-centric individuals, they do want to make your day a good one, and if they can order the product for you or work with some online business through which you can order it, they are likely to do it as this doesn’t eat up shelf space, and they are likely to offer you discounts just to get you in the door anyhow.

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