What to Do When You Have a Website Bug but You’re Not a Developer

Your website is very important for your business and this is where the world gets to know about your existence and it’s where your customers communicate with you. However, there are instances where you will have a broken code or a bug, which affects the functionality of your website. When a code is broken, your website will not function in the desired manner, and you need to contact Website Development New York when you are not a developer.

So what should you  do when you encounter a bug on your website?

As human beings, we will always experience mistakes as things get broken most of the time. If you panic, you will be escalating the mess. Before you figure out the possible solutions, relax first. If you do things while you are under pressure, you will likely create more problems. Think to figure out what could be going on before you start correcting the situation.

When your users tell you that a certain function does not work, you should ask them to provide you with detailed information about the problems that they are facing. Then you can try to reproduce the bug in the development environment. But since you are not a developer, this will not be possible. So what you can do is to contact the support team that helped to provide the templates that you used to create your website. Within a short time frame, these professionals should be able to figure out what is not working properly, and they can fix it within the shortest time possible.

Where might the bug originate?

There are various points in your website where the bug can originate from. Your database content is perhaps one of the places where this may happen, and the bug may be localized on a document. Also, a bug could be because of your environment configuration. Maybe there is a setting or an environmental variable that requires to be changed on your site.

Contact your web design agency in Hong Kong 

There are tools that web design agency Hong Kong uses to create your site to locate the problem. They can do this no matter your location provided that you have an internet connection. More often, they will use a variety of developer tools and can solve the issues that you are facing quickly and to your satisfaction.


Your website is incredibly important for your business. This is where you communicate with your customers, generate leads, and attract potential customers. It’s your website that you can use to present a professional image to your customers from all parts of the world. If your website remains safe and clean, you can avoid unnecessary bugs, and it’s important to ensure that your site is checked for proper functionality regularly. You should also ensure that you limit using third-party software on your website because this may create bugs on some of your pages.

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