What Should I Know Before I Shop for Nicotine Vape Juice in Australia?

If you are new to the concept of vaping, or haven’t done much of it, there are some things you should probably know about this technology before you go into it. Before you buy vape juice in Australia, it’s important to have an understanding of what it is and how the technology works, not out of safety concerns but simply because it gives you a more discerning perspective to come from when shopping for product and judging new product that you are trying.

So, before you shop for nicotine vape juice in Australia let’s discuss the advantages of it and how it works. The reason vape is so much healthier than smoking tobacco in traditional ways is because it isn’t actually smoking at all. The only similarities between actual tobacco and any kind of vape product is the presence of nicotine, which is believe it or not optional, and the use of an inhalant. However, just because the term inhalant is used is not cause for alarm.

First, understand that smoke is comprised of ash and carcinogenic compounds as well as the oils whence the nicotine is derived. Ash and carcinogens are decidedly unhealthy, and they will eventually kill you. However, the nicotine, the part that most people vilify, is honestly harmless in and of itself for the most part. It is extremely addictive, and it is harmful to juvenile bodies that haven’t finished growing, but aside from that, it’s only a danger to people with cardiac or pulmonary illnesses triggered by blood pressure.

So, what is vape juice? Basically, it’s just a simple solution containing some sort of glycerin compound, an alternative form of nicotine very much like gums and patches and some sort of artificial flavoring. This fluid isn’t intended to be imbibed nor is it intended to be burned, it is intended to be directly inhaled by the user. This is achieved by applying a heating coil and vaporizing the solution, this being the “smoke” cloud exhaled by vape users.

None of the components of modern vape juice are actually harmful. Artificial flavorings have to comply with Australian food and drug laws, glycerin compounds are inert and the nicotine is, as said before, addictive but otherwise harmless.

Other advantages of this include the absence of secondhand smoke, the absence of danger from something literally being on fire and a complete and total absence of smelling like an ashtray. Vape flavors are practically unlimited, artificial flavorings being easy to derived to achieve just about any effect, at least when the solution isn’t intended to burn. They usually have an “icy” hence to them, even the fruity and candy flavored ones, but this is to give the smoke a form of bite, as it would be very imperceptible aside from the flavor otherwise. Now that you understand this product a little better, you can shop for nicotine vape juice in Australia in a much more informed way.

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