What is the best age to start skateboarding?

If you are a young parent, one question may regularly come to mind. What is the best age to start skateboarding?

This article will talk about the best age for starting skateboarding. We will provide some tips for you regarding your kid’s skateboarding.

We will also tell you how you should teach your kids about skateboarding.

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Best age to start skateboarding:

The American Academy of Pediatrics specialist has issued remarks regarding the suitable age to start skateboarding. They said that kids below five years old should not begin skateboarding. Kids within 6-10 years old can begin skateboarding if they get guidance from adults.

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So we can say that the best age to start skateboarding is 5-10 years.

Risk factors for young skateboarders :

There are several risk factors when kids start skateboarding at a young age. As a parent, you should carefully monitor those factors. It would help if you decided after analyzing those factors. Those factors are-

1) Higher center of gravity:

Young kids have a higher center of gravity. Thus, they have less balance when riding on a skateboard. Children can have injuries as a result of it.

2) Slower reaction time:

Young kids have a relatively slower reaction time compared to adults. Hence, they may face difficulties when riding on a busy street.

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3)Lack of skill:

Children may sometimes overestimate their skills. Thus, they may perform some dangerous stunts to impress their peers.

Why your child may be suitable for skateboarding:

There are many risk factors in skateboarding. However, it does not apply the same way to all kids. The risk factors for some kids are high; the risk factors are low.

If your kids are not calm, they are not suitable for skateboarding. If they tend to take risks to impress their friends, they are also not ideal for riding.

However, if your child is relatively mature compared to their age, they can start skateboarding. As a parent, you also need to tell your kids not to take risks during skateboarding. If your child is steady and can have proper adult guidance, they can initiate skateboarding.

Tips for young children when riding on a skateboard:

1) You should ensure the safety of your kids when they ride on a skateboard. As we have discussed before, young children have less center of gravity. They also have a balance issue. Thus, they are more prone to an injury compared to an adult.

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Hence, your children should be wearing helmets,  knee- and elbow pads. Those safety gears will protect your kids from severe injury.

2) Many parents buy a cheap skateboard with low quality. For the sake of your child, please avoid doing this. You can not compromise with quality when purchasing an electric skateboard.

Your kids may face various problems while riding on a cheap skateboard that holds low quality. Thus, it would be best if you chose a standard skateboard. It will provide your kid with a good riding experience.

3) Advice your kids to avoid busy streets. Those busy streets are accident-prone areas. Kids have a slower reaction time than us adults. Hence, it is not wise for them to ride on a skateboard in a busy street.

4) Children have a balance issue due to their young age. Thus, they should avoid riding on rough terrain. They should skate on smooth tracks.

Teaching your kids about skateboarding:

If you want to teach your kids about skateboarding, you must select the proper gear. With some equipment, you may show more technical tricks. However, you can not comfortably operate them.

For example, the skateboard with harder wheels shows technical stuff. Yet, you can’t ride comfortably on a skateboard with harder wheels.

Harder wheels on a skateboard will not cause any problem to you on smooth roads. Nevertheless, it will create a huge issue when riding on rough terrain.

Thus, for teaching your kids about skateboarding, you should choose skateboards with softer wheels. It will provide stability while riding on the skateboard.

You can also collect parts of a skateboard and assemble them independently. It would be best to prefer softer and bigger wheels over harder and smaller wheels. If you can get decent bearings along with it, you can move your skateboard faster.

This move has some apparent advantages.  Your kids will get more time to learn about operating a skateboard.


We hope our article can give some clear answers about the topic. If your kids are mature compared to their age, they can learn skateboarding very early.

However,  it also requires your careful guidance. It would help if you patiently taught your kids about skateboarding.

Every kid is different. Some kids may be ready to ride on a skateboard at 5. Other kids may be able to do it at the age of 8.

You have to consider your kid’s age,  body structure, and attitude while deciding to buy an electric skateboard. You should also ensure that your kids wear safety gear while riding on the skateboard.

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