What Injuries Are More Severe in a Car Crash?

Car crashes can be exceedingly hurtful and can take your life away too. It can cause you some injuries that can put you in COMA for the rest of your life, and leave you with life-long disabilities. If you were injured in a car accident, you can file your compensation claim to the insurance company with your Houston car accident attorney to get the medical bill and damages covered.

Some severe injuries from a car accident. 

  • Spinal Cord Injury

While during the accident, if you experience a sudden jerk or an object can penetrate through the body, causing severe injuries to the spine. Spinal cord injuries may have a very extreme effect on your body as the spinal cord lay a very integral role in providing you posture and is responsible for controlling the central nervous system. Its symptoms may include:

  • Loss of voluntary and involuntary movements.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Coughing.
  • Extreme pain in the back.

Spinal cord injuries may also lead to paralysis and impartial control of body parts in some cases. Complete damage to the spinal cord can lead to the victim’s death.

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  • TBI or Traumatic brain injury

Although our brain is well guarded by the skull and protected by cerebral fluid from the inside, a sudden impact on your head can cause significant harm to it. Due to this you this can lead to internal bleeding, tissue damage, etc. Brian’sBrian’s injuries can lead to putting the patient in COMA for the rest of their life and can even possibly lead to death. Minor injuries to the brain can lead to shortness of memory or an unstable mental state. 

  • Internal injuries

These kinds of injuries are the ones that impose more danger to the health than we usually think. The victim might not even know about the damage until they have arrived at the hospital. The doctor might temporarily stop the internal bleeding, but it won’t be the ultimate solution. Furthermore, internal injures are more fatal as the individual loses more blood in it.

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  • Broken bones or torn ligaments

Broken bones can cause death if the bone is punctured and shattered into pieces. It can easily tear your organs, leading to fatal internal injury and then death. For instance, if you get your ribs broken in a car crash, there can be a possibility that these broken ribs can tear your lungs, leading to death. If these kinds of euros happen, getting treatment for this is relatively challenging.

Car crashes can lead to more severe incidents, costing you your life. So it is always well suggested that you drive safely and follow all the traffic rules provided by the law. Ensuring your vehicle is in top condition, such as routinely checking crucial components like the BMW oil pan for leaks or damages, can also significantly reduce the risk of car accidents. However, if you still get into an accident due to other rivers’ negligence, you must have a car accident attorney by your side to take care of your well-being and prepare for a lawsuit.

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