The consequences of a car accident are far from enjoyable emotionally and financially. You might consider filing a car accident lawsuit to recover the damages you have suffered. But there is an important law that applies to car accident lawsuits in Waukegan, Illinois: the Illinois personal injury lawsuit statutes of limitations.

It states that if you want to file a car accident lawsuit after a car accident, you have two years from the day of the crash to do so. If you miss the timeline, you may lose your right to hold the negligent party accountable.

Many people put off dealing with car accident claims for one reason or another as they recover from the accident. Some of the common reasons include:

You didn’t know you could seek compensation

A car accident can shift your life off balance. The high chances are that you relied on your resources to cover your medical expenses and damages after the accident, and you may not have known that you can seek compensation.

As long as you can prove the injuries and damages the car crash causes, you can seek compensation from the driver at fault. A Waukegan car accident attorney can determine if you have a viable case and the grounds to pursue. Even if it’s past the deadline, there may be exceptions to extend your statute of limitations.

You didn’t know that your injuries were severe.

Seeking prompt medical attention is vital after a car accident, even if you don’t feel injured. But many car accident victims delay seeking the help of a car accident attorney because they assume their injuries are minor and not even worth pursuing. So as weeks and months go by, they realize that the aches and suffering don’t seem to go away, and the medical bills are accumulating.

If you have put off getting medical attention, you need to remember that it is essential for your health and your car accident claim. When you delay getting medical treatment, it also becomes harder to link your injuries with the car accident. Additionally, a car accident injury that doesn’t seem to heal is a sign of something serious going on.

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer helps piece together every critical information to show how the accident caused your injuries. But if you delay seeking treatment, that may be hard to prove, and depending on the circumstances, the lawyer may reject the case.

Dealing with your injuries was critical.

Some car accident injuries, such as a traumatic head injury, can lead to a coma preventing you from filing a car accident claim promptly. Some damages like spinal cord injuries can cause a lengthy stay in the hospital, and recovering is more critical than filing the claim. However, contacting a car accident attorney is advisable as they can take care of everything while you recover.


Do not give up seeking compensation because you delayed filing a car accident claim. An experienced car accident lawyer can evaluate your case and determine whether you have a viable claim. They can help you gather sufficient evidence to support your reasons for the delay. If you are still within the statutes of limitations, they can also help you get reasonable compensation.

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