What Baby Formula is Used in Europe?

European parents use many different types of baby formula. This article will cover European baby formula, Bobbie, Kendamil, organic formula, and Kendal Nutricare. Parents share their experiences with these formulas and provide recommendations for your family. We hope this information is helpful in your decision-making process. And remember, we’re all parents. We’ve made mistakes, too. Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes when choosing a baby formula.


The natural, traceable, and sustainable formula is the favorite of many high-profile parents and celebrities. It is produced from milk from grass-fed cows. The company works exclusively with 220 UK family farms, all certified organic and Red Tractor. This ensures that the food used in its products is produced with care and that consumers can trust it to be made with the best possible ingredients. Kendal is the first baby formula brand in the world to be certified organic by the Red Tractor.

The whey/casein ratio in Kendamil Stage 1 is approximately 60/40. It contains all the fatty acids needed by your baby for healthy growth and brain/eye development. It also contains all essential vitamins and minerals. It is rich in natural fat derived from milk, including the Milk Fat Globule Membrane. This is similar to breast milk, and it is free from palm oil, fish oil, and soy. Unlike some other brands, Kendamil Stage 2 is slightly higher in calories, and it contains slightly more iron. That means that this formula is more suitable for growing toddlers and older babies.

Kendal Nutricare

As the U.S. FDA has heightened scrutiny of infant formula, a UK-based company, Kendal Nutricare, is expanding its distribution to the US market. It currently has more than 40,000 cans of infant formula in stock and expects to have two million of them on store shelves in June. Meanwhile, Danone has increased its formula can export by 300% this year.

The company purchased a former Heinz infant formula factory in the UK and acquired a co-packing contract with Heinz. The formula is marketed in Europe and the US under the Kendal brand. However, the company also makes infant cereals for the China market and co-packages it with Hero Group. The move to become an independent brand has also given Kendal Nutricare a stronger foothold in China.

Kendal organic formula

A UK-based company has been creating a high-quality baby formula for over 20 years. In 2018, it launched Kendamil organic baby formula, the first palm oil-free and whole cream-free infant formula on the European market. The company was recently recognized with a Gold Medal from the Monde Selection as the world’s best organic baby formula. In addition, Kendal won a UK Board of Trade award and was even fed to Prince Louis of Cambridge. In 2020, it will receive a Royal Queen Award, one of the highest honors an English company can receive.

Kendal’s formula contains only the finest, organic ingredients. Organic whole milk and lactose from milk are both rich in omega 3 and DHA, which support healthy eye and brain development. Unlike palm oil, which hurts calcium absorption, Kendamil contains microalgae, a vegetarian alternative to fish oil. This formula is made from organic ingredients and contains up to 800g of formula per container.

Kendal whole milk

One of the leading brands of organic baby formula is Kendamil, which is sourced from British farms and is used by the Royal Family. The brand is setting new standards for natural, organic formulas. Kendal has received praise from parents around the world for its formula. Its reputation in the UK and across Europe has increased as a result. Here’s what you need to know about this brand.


Kendal contains natural, full-cream mammal milk fat while avoiding palm oil. Whole milk fat contains palmitic acid in the Sn2 position, which helps with calcium absorption and digestibility and minimizes constipation. As a bonus, Kendamil also contains linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. In short, Kendamil is close to breastmilk in composition, and it is one of the few formulas available that does not contain probiotics.

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