What Are the Advantages of a Bong?

Let’s be honest, bongs have a reputation for certain kinds of uses for which they were in fact not invented. We are in here to talk about that today, we’re here to talk about first, the many ways in which a bong can enhance tobacco smoke, but far more importantly, a safer alternative to tobacco that can be enjoyed with bong technology, not to mention the unique opportunities and experimentation that can be done with flavorings with said new technology!

First, let’s talk about how a traditional bong worked. At its heart, it’s basically just a bottle with a hole cut at the bottom in which a diagonal straight pipe is inserted, the chamber is filled with water, and you smoke the tobacco by burning it in the straight pipe, pulling the smoke through the water to purify it. It makes a distinct bubbly sound when done, a very satisfying sound at that.

Pulling the smoke through water had some serious advantages, chief among them being to clean out a lot of the nasty ash and tar, as well as smoothing and mellowing out the smoke. Creative people, long ago, also had the bright idea of using things like extracts, fruit juices and even alcohol to flavor the water, imbuing the smoke with some very unique properties. Putting ice in the water, for example, causes the smoke to be more expansive, needing you to take smaller pulls to get satisfaction.

So, you may be wondering, what are the advantages to one of these compared to other smoking methods? So far, we pointed out how the smoke is different, but not why it may be better than a cigarette, a cigar or a pipe. Well, let’s talk about why smoking in general is bad for you. It’s not the nicotine or the other desired compounds in something you are smoking that are particularly bad for you, at least in the doses you get from retail tobacco products.

It’s the nature of smoke in general, it’s a caustic thing. When you burn something, smoke is released, comprised of ash, the vapor and oils of whatever you are burning, as well as a lot of chemical byproducts produced from the combustion itself. While the use of a bong does not magically make smoking truly healthy, the use of water as a mitigating medium for it greatly reduces the nastiness of smoke. It cuts most of the ash out, neutralizes most of the caustic chemicals, making it a lot less toxic than it would be otherwise. In fact, the water in one of these actually filter smoke far better than a cigarette or pipe filter, while allowing you to flavor it and make the smoke ultimately far more pleasant.

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