Washington State Divorce Decree: An Important Document You Must Have a Copy Of

Whether you and your ex had a contested or uncontested divorce, you will get a final divorce decree that lays out the provisions. The decree is issued once it has been entered into the court system. If your divorce was settled outside of court, it will be signed by a judge and entered into the court system. Then, you will both a copy of this important washington state divorce record

What If You Lose Your Copy?

Your divorce contains important provisions on important divorce elements such as property division, debt distribution, alimony, child support, and child custody. You must keep your copy of the decree in a safe location, particularly when you have kids or financial support provisions. So, if you lose your copy, make sure to get a new copy as soon as possible. You can request one from the court clerk’s office. You may need to pay for a certified true copy, which means it has been verified by the court. A certified true copy is an important document you must possess, especially if you present your decree for a legal reason like a new marriage.  

Moreover, you can also get a copy from the state’s Department of Health. Just ensure you check with the department if there is a waiting period before you can get a new copy. In addition, your divorce lawyer may also be able to give you a copy of your divorce decree. The majority of attorneys keep the file for a certain period. 

The Important Information You Need

If you want to request a copy of your divorce decree, you will usually be required to give a copy of your state identification or driver’s license and divorce case number. If you request the copy from the records department of the state by mail, you may need to provide them with information such as names of parties, request date, divorce date, divorce and court location, why you need a copy, kind of final decree, and others. If you cannot give the required information, the court can research your divorce case for you for an extra fee. 

Can Any Person Get a Copy?

Generally, divorce decrees are public records, so anybody can request them as long as they can provide the necessary forms and pay the fee. If you and your ex made a divorce settlement agreement, the case’s settlement portion may be private. Thus, this piece of information is not available for the public to see.

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