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Vastu Tips for Decorating Kid’s Room by Best Vastu Consultant Near me

The kid’s room in every house holds a very special place in every parent’s heart. They decorate it with all their love and try to incorporate every comfort in the room. But there are times when kids face problems and do not able to concentrate on their studies. Many times, the reason behind all this is the wrong Vastu of the room. For brightening the future of your kid, certain things need to be placed rightly as per Vastu.

After a lot of discussion with the best Vastu consultant near me, we are here with some helpful tips for decorating your kid’s room as per Vastu norms.

1. Kid’s Bedroom

Firstly, Vastu is all about placing things in the right direction. While designing the house, keep your kid’s room in the northeast direction for enhancing their strength, intelligence, and power. When you place the bed in the northeast direction of the room, the child gets more attracted to the study and experiences positivity in the room.

2. Study Table in the Room

Always keep the study table in a way that child faces north or east direction while studying. Facing this direction help the kid becomes more sincere in their studies and put all the effort into achieving their goals.

3. Globe Positioning

Every study room must have a globe positioned in the north or in each direction. You will find changes in your child’s knowledge if you place the globe in the right direction following Vastu norms. The transmission of the knowledge in the kid will automatically become fast and he/she will start scoring well in the exams.

4. Photo Frames

Many people love to decorate their kid’s rooms with beautiful photo frames having many interesting pictures of their childhood. Always choose the wall or the table placed in the west direction for hanging or putting any photo frame in your child’s room. As per Vastu, it is auspicious to keep the frames in the west direction which leads to making the child always happy and healthy.

5. Kid’s Bed Positioning

In a room, the kids spend most of their time in bed rather than on a table chair or any other area of it. The bed is the place where they get their comfortable sleep, do their homework, work on the project, play with their toys and do so many things. Hence, it plays a very vital role in any kid’s room and while taking care of its design it is also essential to place it in the right direction as per Vastu norms so that the kids can enjoy all these with complete positivity. Always place the bed in the room in a way that while sleeping, the face of the child must be either in the east or south direction of the room. It is essential to take care of the directions so that children always dream of good and beautiful things in their dreams.

6. Color of the Walls

The color green is considered the best one for your kid’s room as it symbolizes freshness, peace, and progress. Visit Concepts Architects.

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