Types of Fly Bites You Might Get and How To Effectively Treat Them

Earth has millions of fly species that can spread serious diseases and allergies. Fly bites are uncomfortable and annoying. Flies can bite you to suck blood to feed them. They can also bite animals to suck blood. You can mostly find them in your kitchen. Some flies carry diseases inside their body while others can carry them on their legs.

Flies can transmit bacterial diseases to cause malaria, typhoid, tularaemia, and much more diseases. You may shop online to buy premium fly screens for windows and doors from Premier Screens Ltd to protect your loved ones from such diseases. They have over 30 years of expertise in fly screens industry in the U.K. They can also provide efficient fly mesh and fly killers at an affordable price.

Fly bite are of various types depending on their species, habits, and ecology.

Some of the most common species of flies that might bite you in the U.K. include –

1. Deer Flies

Their bites are very painful due to their scissor-like latestforyouth mouthparts. They have dark brownish strips on their wings and golden-green eyes. They are mainly found near water bodies where they lay eggs.

Deer fly bites can cause red bumps and are known to transmit rabbit fever. Symptoms like skin ulcers, fever, and headache may appear which can be treated with antibiotics. You may also use fly screens for windows to prevent them.

2. Horse Flies

They are large in size and can bite with high intensity to cause severe pain. Their bite may cause severe pain, itching, rashes, swelling, and difficulty breathing. If you are bitten by a horse fly, disinfecting the wound and applying antiseptic cream may heal the infection.

3. Black Flies

Black flies love to thrive around damp places. They have humped back, short antennae, and large wings. Their bite brings itching, swelling, nausea, and fever. They are known to transmit river blindness disease.

You can also use cortisone and take anti-inflammation medicines. The fly screens for windows can also help you to prevent their infestation while you enjoy the soothing fresh air.

4. Sand Flies

They have long legs and hairy wings and their bites are very painful. They mostly breed on decaying moss, plants, and mud. If your windows open towards such places, you may install fly screens for windows to keep them outdoors. Their bites may cause red bumps and blisters, which may lead to skin inflammation.

An infected sand fly may cause a parasitic disease called leishmaniasis. Hydrocortisone or calamine lotion can help you to reduce itching.

5. Biting Midges

Biting midges are very small and can easily get into your houses through windows and doors. This makes most of the homeowners to buy and install fly screens for windows and doors.

They breed in salt marsh areas. Their bites are persistently itchy and could spread filarial worms to kid and adults, causing dermatitis and skin lesions.

Treat the infected area by using cortisone cream to relieve itching and skin infections. To relieve any kind of flies bite, you must initially wash the bitten area and apply calamine or hydrocortisone lotion. You can also take Antihistamine to reduce itching, rashes, and redness of your skin. In serious symptoms, you must visit a doctor.

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