Top 5 Types of Gold Jewelry to Sell

Depending on the buyers, your gold jewelry may not be accepted. Each item of gold has a unique worth, and different types are worth more than others. It can be confusing to know which types of gold jewelry are most likely to sell, especially with frequently changing prices in the current market.

Most shops accept gold, silver, and platinum, but there are different types that buyers are more interested in purchasing specifically for gold. The jewelry does not matter as much, but the gold quality matters a great deal. By getting familiar with common types of gold jewelry buyers purchase, you can consider whether your items are worth selling.

The characteristics of the gold may also influence the buying offer. If your item is vintage, it may have a more excellent value and, therefore, more earning potential. If you wonder if your jewelry is sellable, here’s a breakdown of five types of gold jewelry buyers at Sell Your Gold purchase.

1. Yellow Gold Items: Sell Gold Jewelry

You can sell gold jewelry in yellow gold to buyers if the gold is determined to be genuine gold after appraisal. Often, yellow gold is plated to maintain the yellow-gold color, reducing its value significantly.

2. White Gold Items

White gold is a common jewelry choice for its pleasant, white, and metallic appearance constructed by the alloying of gold and other elements such as nickel or copper. White gold jewelry also contains rhodium, which may show wear and tear over time. You can still sell gold jewelry in white gold as it can be polished to look new again.

3. Rose Gold Items

Rose gold is the combination of gold and copper, and most items contain around 14 karats; this means that over 50% pure gold is embedded into the jewelry. You can find rose gold jewelry in different shades of pink and sell your jewelry in all shades.

4. High-Karat Gold Items

24-karat gold, also known as pure gold, is not used for most jewelry. It is used for gold bars and coins. High-karat items are quickly sold because they contain between 18 and 24 karats. The purer the article, the greater its value, making these jewelry items a top pick for gold buyers.

While you can sell gold jewelry of 18-karat gold, 14-karat gold jewelry is much more common in the US. Although you can sell gold under ten karats, items less than ten karats do not contain very much gold and are, therefore, of much less value.

5. Green Gold Items

Green gold is lab-produced but is very expensive and rare to come by. Gold and silver are mixed to get a green-yellow appearance. Often, stones such as emeralds are added. Gold buyers are delighted to sell gold jewelry in green gold.

Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry, costume jewelry, and rolled gold items are not commonly accepted by buyers. Consider the above information when it’s time to sell gold jewelry you own!

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