Top 5 Cartier Watches That Are Timeless

Extravagance accessory is something everyone finds worth acquiring. Whether in a formal office event or casual party, a Cartier luxury watch adds different to your overall look.

These watches take an ordinary look to an outclass one and have great demand in the market. In fact, all luxury products do not have the same quality and durability. Although there are many brands swarming the markets right now, the one, which has a never-end reputation, is Cartier. Here below are the five timeless Cartier watches that Editor’s pick.

1. Tank Louis Golden Yellow Watch By Cartier

Leather straps and a mesmerizing golden dial are a luxurious combination especially when it is launched by Cartier. The watch features a rectangular 18kt golden yellow case with an alligator brown leather strap that exhibits unmatched beauty.

Alongside the silver-grained dial with sapphire needles and prominent roman numerals, the shiny stationary bezel possesses the power of making heads turn.


  • Premium design
  • Rigid casing
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Submerging into water will cause damage as its water resistance is up to 30 meters

2. Cartier Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch W51008Q3

Luxury watches are not male supremacy. Cartier also offers a handful of masterpieces for women’s fashion as well. Like, the W51008Q3. Its 20-mm diameter with stainless steel dial provides the needed durability and unmatched flair.

The metallic bracelet comes with a clasp locking, preventing slipovers. Also, the sapphire blue needles add a distinctive touch.


  • Innovative design
  • Stylish and sturdy
  • 057 caliber quartz movement that is Swiss-made


  • Not adequate for prolonged submersion or swimming

3. Cartier Tank Solo Watch For Men W5200014

Sword-shaped hands implanted on a silver dial with bold black Roman numerals make the W5200014 an admiral. The graceful stainless steel bracelet clasps the 27.4mm wide dial on your wrist, giving you a distinctive edge.

Its minute markers surround an inner circle inside the dial. The beauty of this model is that it is not signed in favor of any particular fashion class. Both men and women watch enthusiasts can savor its elegance.


  • Solid steel buildup
  • Hidden clasp
  • Sapphire hour markers
  • 690 Caliber quartz movement


  • Not fit for soaking wet conditions

4. Cartier Ballon Bleu Women Dress Watch W69010Z4

Although square dials have an aesthetic feel, round dials have their elegance. The 14mm wide bezel link bracelet is adorned with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial. Its silver polish magically adjusts with all sorts of formal and informal dress codes.

Moreover, the watch features a battery-powered quartz movement with a graceful sizeable bracelet and a stone-etched crown.


  • Stationary yet elegantly designed bezel
  • Anti-glare dial polish
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant


  • No automatic mechanism

5. Two-toned Cartier Santos W2SA0007

Many watch enthusiasts prefer automatic mechanisms for luxury watches. Although it’s a topping on the cake, it’s not an apart-setting property for every high-caliber watch. Nevertheless, all the worry faded away when Cartier introduced its W2SA0007. In addition to its aesthetic silver gold exterior, it uses an automatic functioning mechanism.

A Swiss-made watch with a rectangular two-toned polished dial and blue steel hour markers helps elevate your daily look. Moreover, the ability to switch between leather and steel straps makes the W2SA0007 an all-rounder.


  • Graceful
  • Two-toned (gold and chrome) scratch less exterior
  • Stainless steel and leather strap available
  • Seconds and calendar features included


  • Not a top choice for chrome users


Cartier watches are world-famous for their timepieces and jewelry. However, it comes to be difficult when picking one watch from a vast collection. Therefore, we have included the top-rated picks with their brief reviews so let you be sure of your pick!

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