Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA for International Students

Do you wish to apply to the top universities in USA, but need clarification about job prospects? Are you interested to know about the ROI in the USA for international students? And if yes, what are the USA’s top high-paying jobs for international students? 

Being the world’s second-biggest economy and hub of top companies and startups, you can easily find many well-paying job opportunities in the USA. In this blog, you will get all the essential information about the highest-paying jobs in USA for international students in different sectors.

What are the Top Highest Paying Jobs In USA?

Healthcare, engineering, finance, marketing, information technology and law are the sectors that offer the highest-paying jobs in USA. Having a higher degree with some experience will give you the highest-paying jobs in USA. Also, as per BLS in the USA, the total job growth is expected to rise by 10% between 2020 to 2030. An overview of the top highest paying jobs is given below:

Job Profile  Average Salary 
Healthcare Workers  208,100 USD 
Airlines Pilots, and Flight Engineers  202,180 USD 
Nurse Anaesthetics 195,610 USD 
Chief Executives  179,520 USD 
General Pediatrics  170,480 USD 
Computer and Systems Managers 151,150 USD 

Best Paying STEM Jobs in USA for International Students

STEM programs consist of engineering, science, technology and mathematics. Getting a degree in any of the above courses will enhance your skills and understanding in contributing to research solutions beneficial for the country’s growth. Some popular STEM jobs and average salaries are mentioned below:

Job Profiles Average Median Salary 
Information Technology Manager 139,220 USD 
Nurse Practitioner  111,680 USD 
Physician Assistant  115,390 USD 
Data Scientist  98,230 USD 
Computer Scientist  94,250 USD 
Database Administrator  87,020 USD 

Highest Paying Jobs With USA Universities

Completing studies from top US universities can offer you many career opportunities with the best job profiles. Depending upon your knowledge and experience in a particular field, you can even get a high paid job worldwide. A list of top universities with their average median salaries is given below:

University Name  Average Salary 
Stanford University  76,500 USD 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  83,600 USD
Duke University  82,000 USD 
Yale University  76,359 USD 
California Institute of Technology 84,000 USD 
University of Michigan  75,842 USD 

Top Highest Paying Cities in USA

The average salary of an individual may also vary based on the city they are in. For instance, a job that pays relatively less in some places may pay a higher salary in other parts of the country. Also the salary in cities may vary on the living costs and the financial resources available in the city. Here is a list of the top highest-paying cities in USA for international students:

Cities Average Salary 
San Jones 93,450 USD 
San Francisco  81,840 USD 
Washington  77,210 USD 
Seattle  74,330 USD 
Stamford  74,000 USD 
Boston  73,850 USD 

Top Highest Paying States in USA

USA is known as the land of opportunity where you can find several career options. Also, certain states of USA also perform very well, offering better-paying jobs than the national median income. A list of these top highest paying states in USA is given below:

States  Average Salary 
Massachusetts  72,940 USD 
New York  70,460 USD 
Washington  68,740 USD 
California  68,510 USD 
New Jersey  67,120 USD 

Developing a career in healthcare, engineering, and business management are the highest paying in the USA. Pursuing a higher degree in the above specialisation will open up countless job opportunities ahead. Moreover, the average salary of a job will depend upon your skills and experience in a particular field. So, analyze the information above and make the best choice. Get in touch with the best overseas educational consultant to experience a seamless study abroad journey.

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