Tips for preparation of teaching exams.

Teaching is a profession that thousands of people want to opt for and practice. The education system that we are a part of allows us to achieve this dream by appearing for the teaching competitive exams. These exams have a certain difficulty level and can only be cleared by following the right techniques. Along with completing the syllabus and learning, let us discuss some effective tips which all teaching competitors can use to crack their dream exams and join the best colleges and universities.

Tips for preparation of teaching exams.

1. Be thorough with the syllabus

Different exams have different syllabuses. For example, if you are preparing for a PGT exam, the syllabus will be different as compared to the other ones. The PGT full form is post-graduate teachers. Many governmental organisations, as well as private ones, conduct these exams for the teaching aspirants. Before starting the preparations, students must be thorough with the topics which will come in the exams. What students should do is, continuously check the exam sites to cross-check and verify the syllabus. This will help students to prepare accordingly.

  • Refer to the official syllabus uploaded on the main site only. Don’t refer from anywhere else. Be as accurate as possible.
  • regularly visit and check the official sites. Review the notifications properly.

2. Take help if needed

We all know that competitive exams are difficult and hence cracking them needs a lot of hard work and practice. If you are not able to complete and understand the whole syllabus alone, then taking help from others is absolutely fine. Today there are several options that students can use for taking help in their exam preparation. Few of the options are

  • You can take home tuition from the people who teach the syllabus of teaching exams. They will surely tell you the right techniques and methods to prepare well for the main exams.
  • Aspirants can join the coaching classes that help with exam preparation. These classes also practice hybrid learning. This means both online and offline modes are available. Students can join as per their convenience and schedules.

3. Be positive and patient

Competitive exams are not as simple as a doodle. You need to have a lot of patience when preparing for your teaching exams. The way we think is linked with the way we perform in life. A negative and stressed mind is not able to stay active in exam preparation. But with an optimistic mind approach, students can do wonders with their learning.

  • We feel elated and better when we meet our friends and other batch mates face to face. You can join the institutes that practice hybrid learning. When you are free or have the time to visit educational institutions, do go. By meeting your batch mates, students will surely feel positive and emotionally better too.
  • practice mediation and other mindfulness activities. This will help students to stay positive. People who meditate daily are physically and mentally fit. Mental fitness helps them to stay positive. Also, meditation helps students to stay calm, composed, relaxed, and patient.

Pro tips to follow

  • Don’t overburden yourself a day before the main exam. Focus on widening all the syllabus at least a week prior. And don’t forget to relax a day before the exam is scheduled to. You can revise the main formulas and terms but avoid learning anything new the day before. This will help to focus and concentrate better on the main exam.
  • Focus on your health. It is very important to stay healthy if you want to prepare well for the exams. Eating healthy and staying hydrated is very essential. Timely have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. This will help students to have an active lifestyle.
  • Take breaks in between your preparation. Regular preparation without any break poor the effectiveness of a student. Our mind also needs rest to process particular information before moving to the next ones. Therefore, all the students should take a few short breaks in between. This will help to rebuild their mind and body energy, focus.


To become a teacher is the dream of thousands of people. We are part of an education system, where competitive exams are conducted to test the knowledge of the students before giving them admission to their dream colleges and universities. To clear these teaching competitive exams, effective preparatory techniques are very important. All the above-mentioned tips and techniques will help the teaching aspirants to clear their exams with good scores.

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