Three Must-Have Online Tools for College Students

It is the end of high school and you get admission to a college thinking of the fact that now, your life will be a lot easier, smoother, and free of hectic study burdens.

But the reality is often harsh and different. What you choose to do in your college life plays a significant part in shaping the kind of career you will have for the next part of your life.

In this modern era where it is almost impossible to imagine your life without your smart devices, it is very important that you are well acquainted with the online free platforms or tools available to make your student life more productive.

Whether the task is to convert PDF to Word, or it is a job to create website templates for any business, you have to make sure you know the efficient ways to stand out in this competitive world.

Here, we discuss some of the digital online tools that you can use and master yourself to make a significant impact on your student career.

Help with Homework Software

There are many homework software available as online productivity software because it’s simple to use and helps students be structured, which is crucial for getting the most out of their time and improving their scores.

This multi-device platform can be used with Kindle too, and it allows students to get information about their lectures and projects from any device at any point in time.

They can create alerts for exams, quizzes, and assignments which helps the students to prepare well and not miss any kind of deadlines.

The software provides a lot of rewards for completing different kinds of assignments which ultimately builds a sense of interest for the students.

Designing app

There is many free visual design app that lets you construct posters, study guides, different kinds of graphs, and tables representing data which helps build projects.

You can even use a drag-and-drop tool to post your own photographs and have them added to the design app’s layouts. It is similar to having a free, rudimentary edition of Photoshop, where you do not have to know the advanced level of photo editing skills.

The website has a number of free demo lessons for you in case you are unfamiliar with the world of graphic design and want to gain knowledge in the field of advertising and also want to incorporate Canva into your online classroom setting.


When it comes to editing any kind of document or converting any format of the document into PDF, this free website is the best place to get all your job done.

This website allows you to handle PDFs of any size, merge or split them into any number of parts, and edit them at your own will. All that is required is a stable internet connection.

When it comes to searching for a good trustworthy PDF editor, this is the ideal platform to serve the job and most importantly you do not have to download any file extensions to use it.


One significant benefit of attending college in the internet era for students is the availability of a large number of highly productive online resources at the touch of their fingers.

Other than being the cause of distraction, these tools actually give a lot to make their time more productive.

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