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The World’s Greatest Hobby

Sewing, The World’s Greatest Hobby is first and foremost a practical sewing resource composed of practical answers to frequently asked sewing and quilting questions. Use it as a sewing encyclopedia dictionary to look up answers to your questions.

Sewing, The World’s Greatest Hobby is also a resource listing of many charts, lists, and practical bits of information to help make your sewing easier. To Use: • Click on the chapters listed by question to be taken directly to that article. ¾ To the left you will find a tab marked “pages”. Scroll to the page of interest and click on that page. • Use your up/down arrows or navigation scroll bar to scroll up/down to articles of interest. • If you prefer, you can read each volume straight through like a book.

David Trumble is a minister, author, sewing machine technician, and educator. David earned his doctor’s degree in 1985, and has worked as a Minister Of The Gospel for over thirty years. He has vast experience with sewing including work with Donna in several sewing businesses (alterations shop, a drapery and window covering workroom, and custom sewing center).


David has completed advanced technical training as a sewing machine technician and has worked in the repair shop for over eight years. He also has numerous articles and books published in multiple areas of interest. David and Donna are part owners of Temple Sewing and Supply, Inc. of Temple, Texas a chain of sewing and quilting stores in central Texas.

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