The Scottish national cricket side

So close to England in many regards, it is not surprising that Scotland has been able to develop an interesting national cricket squad. This Scottish squad is featured at, and it is doing some great performances.

There are many things to highlight about the sport in the country. First of all, the International Cricket Council admitted them as associate members in 1994. After that, they managed to participate in many top-class tournaments and championships of this discipline.

Their first win ever in a Cricket World Cup came more than 20 years after being accepted in the ICC. This happened in a match against Hong Kong, which took place during a 2016 Twenty20 event. The final score was 1-0 in an event celebrated between September 8 and 10 of that year. Matches of this kind are featured at 1xBet India, which is one of the most active betting sites in the country.

History of the game in Scotland

The sport has been present in this part of the world in one way or another since the 1700s. From these years it is possible to find the earliest records of the discipline. The sport has evolved a lot in Scotland and neighboring countries. This has allowed different teams, available at online cricket betting in India from 1xBet bookmaker, to rise.

Of course, back then, the sport was being played in a totally amateur manner, without fixed rules. In other words, it was more like a hobby than a proper sport. However, in 1879 it was decided to elevate the discipline to a more professional level. This was done by creating the Scottish Cricket Union.

The first professional match was against Australia on the 29th of July, 1882, where the Scots won by eight wickets. Cricket has come a long way ever since, being present for online betting from 1xBet in India bookmaker. During the consolidation of the squad, they faced some of the toughest rivals in the game, where they came victorious on numerous occasions.

Evolution of the team

The team has evolved a lot since those first matches. Throughout the 20th century, the Scottish side had some of its best players ever. Even during the 21st century many new talents, who became distinguished existence. For details, you can feature at, to follow their squad performances. Some of the most recognized games to ever come from this part of the world include:

  • Dougie Brown;
  • Mike Denneess;
  • Gavin Hamilton;
  • and Brian Hardie.

Once they were admitted into the International Cricket Council, their performances skyrocketed. They have won many ICC trophies in tournaments, which are also available at 1xBet. They went on as far as to win the 2005 ICC Trophy, which has been one of their greatest achievements.

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