The scandal of Robbie Robinson

Many footballers have the chance to choose between more than one national team. Punters can make a bet on betting site Pakistan 1xBet on the best football players from any national squad. Some of the reasons why a football player may choose his team include:

  • having parents from two different countries;
  • being born one country, but having parents from another;
  • and living for a certain period in another country.

Robbie Robinson is a striker who was born in the United States to an American father and a Chilean mother. The 1xBet Pakistan platform is a betting site where punters can make a bet on these two national teams. Therefore, he could choose to play for the USA or Chile. This decision would trigger a huge scandal in the eyes of Chilean fans.

Making a commitment

In 2019, Robinson wrote a letter to FIFA asking for permission to play for Chile rather than the USA. FIFA approved the request. The website allows its members to make lots of live bets on all matches of the Chilean national team.

Former Chilean coach Martín Lasarte already had the idea of calling Robinson. At the time he was having a good season at Inter Miami from the MLS. Since Chile needed more goalscorers, he seemed a good option. The 1xBet website has lots of options for making live wagers on these exciting qualifying matches.

The scandal explodes

Lasarte called Robinson for three qualifying matches that were going to be played in September 2021. The player arrived in Chile and trained in an apparently perfectly normal way with his teammates. When wanting to wager on the Chilean national squad, you can visit the website.

Chile was getting ready to play against Brazil on the 2nd of September. The day before, it was announced that Robinson returned to his home in the USA due to “personal problems”.

However, the truth quickly emerged. The player had second thoughts about choosing Chile. In fact, he later published on his Instagram that he had decided to return to the USA in order to better think about his national team allegiance. To wager on Chilean football, the 1xBet website is the best place to do so.

This caused outrage among Chilean fans. They stated that someone who has doubts about his Chilean heritage shouldn’t even try to play for the national team. To make matters worse for Robinson, another player that was part of that Chilean squad was British-Chilean forward Ben Brereton. Against lots of difficulties and a huge language barrier, Brereton became an undisputed starter for Chile, scoring lots of goals and becoming a fan favorite. That’s why the comparisons between Brereton’s commitment and Robinson’s lack thereof made the latter’s situation even worse in the eyes of Chilean fans.

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