The Necessity of Crypto Software Independent Audits

A major question people often have is how much faith they should have in a crypto software audit. Experts believe that crypto code audits are essential to ensuring a free and fair Web3. A meticulous audit of the code for a crypto-based project is the surest way to confirm it is secure before launch.

Why Crypto Software Code Audit is Necessary

According to current estimates, Ethereum smart contracts have a failure rate of around 3%. While this is a challenge, smart contract bugs are preventable. All data indicates that it is possible to detect smart contract bugs early and prevent them from reaching the active phase of a project. As a responsible startup planning to introduce the blockchain into their project, including the code audit as part of the business plan. Other reasons to conduct a code audit are: how do firms provide liquidity

Audits Only Take a Few Days

A major reason why an organization might avoid an independent audit is that they assume it will take a long time. However, that is not often the case. For a majority of crypto software projects, an audit will take a few days. A more complex project may take up to a month, which is still worth it to avoid issues down the line.

Secure Code Saves Times

While conducting a detailed audit may seem like a waste of valuable time, eliminating minor errors will save time. Instead of dealing with issues that arise later, including having to shut down the project and work on a new marketing strategy, an audit ensures that it will never have to shut down again once the project is launched.

You Will Receive a Detailed Audit Report

If you decide to use a reliable company such as Serokell, you will receive a detailed report of the audit. The compiled report will be sent to you for your perusal. It includes all details of any issues uncovered as well as recommendations to address this issue. In the future, if you decide to launch another crypto software project, you can use the lessons from the audit to complete the project much faster.

Independent Audits Increase Trust in Your Project

With so many crypto-based projects out there, consumers are spoilt for choice. However, they are also aware of the many security incidents within the blockchain space. Conducting an independent audit and then publishing the report could help increase the positive sentiment toward the project. As a result, it would be easier to onboard new members by publicly displaying the audit report.

Hire Trusted Independent Auditors

Your independent crypto software audit should be entrusted to an independent audit company that has experience auditing code in the blockchain space. While an internal audit could uncover issues with the code, an independent audit provides an unbiased review of the code. If you want to ensure your investors are happy with your product, schedule an audit by an independent development team. Share your responsibility with the company that offers a complete package of blockchain software development services, which will help to reduce the risk of potentially damaging security vulnerabilities.

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