The Long-Term Benefits of Joining a Logistics Association

Small-scale logistics companies need to be part of extensive networks in order to compete with large, multinational companies. Or else, these logistics firms risk missing out on a lot of growth opportunities. In 2022, retail e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to be valued at $5.4 trillion. That’s huge potential for growth.

Supply chain operators who are part of extensive freight forwarder associations and networks receive a lot of perks. From finding new partners to increasing their overall coverage areas – small-scale logistics operators gain a lot via these memberships. But, will membership in a top logistics association help these operators in the long run?

Yes. Here are the long-term benefits of joining the right logistics associations –

Increase Your Presence in Specific Territories

Logistics operators are masters of specific territories. They have expert knowledge of specific ports, trade routes, commercial regions, etc. By joining a top logistics network, they can solidify their presence in these territories. They can meet other prominent logistics operators, freight forwarders in their territories.

Make the Most of Your Co-Members’ Reliability

The best logistics networks and associations have very strict standards. Unless logistics operators meet these standards, they can’t enter these associations. This strict vetting process allows logistics networks to maintain transparency and reliability within their ranks. Every association member knows that his/her co-member is a reliable professional with a healthy track record.

That’s why it’s easier for logistics networks and associations to attract global partners. Individual freight forwarders or logistics operators can’t attract the world’s best shipping companies or eCommerce companies. But, their associations can. That’s why long-term memberships in such freight networks help logistics operators boost their brand values.

Unvetted logistics operators and freight forwarders make matters hard for their co-members. But, well-vetted and experienced professionals make these associations more appealing to clients. Individual members of the networks can benefit from this appeal.

Expand Your Coverage

The best logistics networks and associations typically cover wide areas. These associations have a presence in multiple countries across multiple major ports and trade routes. If you’re part of such an association, providing services to these locations becomes much easier. As a member, you can ask for assistance from your fellow members to expand your network.

New Commercial Opportunities 

When logistics operators obtain new clients, they increase their ROI on network and association fees. Many logistics networks and associations are specifically designed to boost the sales capacities of members.

  • Leaders of the top logistics networks and associations serve as agents on behalf of their members. These agents attract new clients, facilitate the ordering process, and help logistics operators secure their payments.
  • Many freight forwarder and logistics associations assign account managers to every member. These account managers promote the members’ services on a global scale.
  • Contacting major shipping companies is much easier when you’re a part of an extensive and influential global network.

Joining an international network of fellow professionals will instantly boost your efficiency as a logistics operator or a freight forwarder. But, the long-term benefits of membership are far more valuable.

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