The logo text What is it and how to use it

A little over 30 percent of contemporary businesses use the text type of logo. These logos stand out due to the absence of a text element (without pictures). This article you’ll find out the meaning of a text logo and how you can create one with the help of Turbologo online designer.

What is a logo for text?

This kind of representation of the company’s name could appear to be a simple approach to implement. It is possible to enter your company’s name into an editor for text, select the font you like , and claim it is the company’s logo.

The text logo is selected from the fonts in the database or on the computer. the database. One or more of them combined into a logo. The font is transformed into curves. This process is carried out using specialized vector graphics software and the needed enhancements are implemented.

Sometimes minor tweaks to the text’s standard font are sufficient to provide the text uniqueness and create an original and memorable logotype for the text.

Text logos are ideal for companies who want to impress customers as a text logo symbolizes restraint minimalistic style, elegance and style.

In recent times, more and companies are turning to the option of creating a brand name with no an image, since it’s easier, less expensive and quicker.

Most often, logos are often accompanied by white or black colors in an attempt to continue the pattern of their control and precision.

How do you create a logo for text

Turbologo provides many options to design text logos. Pick from the customizable templates and let loose your creativity to create the perfect text logo for your requirements. With the editor for text logos, it’s now easier than ever before to get the best designs and quality.

Text Templates from Turbologo

Find inspiration with our selection of logos for text. Develop your branding around these templates or design an original text logo. The Turbologo logo design library is completely free. Select an icon for text and match colors and look through the different options for logo text.

After you’ve created the logo you’ll be proud of then save the vector logo with the text.

Creation Tips

The primary design element of logos for text is the fonts, it is crucial to pay focus to the font you choose.

What font should I choose?

One of the most important elements of a successful (and even a bad) design is His Majesty’s Font. He is the one who communicates the message of an organization to its customer.

What is the significance of the contents of these “cherished letters”?

There are fonts with”serifs,” also known as “serifs”

In a sea of professionals There is a consensus that a notch font aids to keep the eye on the page. The primary characteristic of fonts is their transition from thick lines to thinner ones.

Sans Serif – Sans Serif

To counterbalance their appearance to balance them, fonts that don’t contain serifs are made that, despite their lack of serifs, adds a certain charm. Check out the aesthetic of straight angles, clear and clean lines. She is entitled to exist!

Where would a font like this be appropriate? Everywhere! The majority of global brands employ the sans-serif font for their logo. It is not a substitute in situations where it is needed to highlight and emphasize the business aspect to the fore.

Handwritten fonts

What is the deal with handwritten fonts? It’s all a bit complicated. On side, one may take advantage of the distinctive “humanity” of the brand but on the other side it’s the handwritten font that proclaims luxury and elegance. For example Cadillac. Doesn’t it appear like a beautiful portrait of a millionaire who doesn’t care what his surname reads or not?

A decorative font

Finally an ornamental font with endless possibilities. Millions of variants in decorative fonts. The colors of the impression that they leave by the consumer the same. With the assistance of a logo using this font, with the proper method, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. What do you want to look at on the design? Romance or fun? Pureness or a dash of emotion? The past or the modern?

That’s all! Utilize our advice and you’ll surely be successful in creating a fantastic text logo. Best

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