The Legitimacy Factor of iTop VPN

When getting a toolkit for your PC, you should consider its legitimacy, to get a clear picture of how it will serve you. This element guarantees the safety of your device and information.

In this piece, we weigh the legitimacy of iTop VPN, touted as the best free VPN for Windows. It is not hard to see where it gets this distinction as it offers quality services.  In this review, we look at this toolkit’s many resources to show you how reliable it is.

Free Services

iTop is a free VPN; one of the reasons many people love it. When weighing how legitimate this utility is you look at how it delivers the free services. The free version is one of the three available packages that you can subscribe to.

You may use it for trial purposes as you learn how it works and the resources it offers. Once satisfied with its functionality, you can upgrade to the premium packages and unlock more features.

iTop delivers on its promise of free services, with perks like access to 16 servers and 700MB data allocation.

The Premium Plans Give You Value

After using the free version of this VPN for Windows, you can check out the premium plans and see what is on offer. iTop’s credibility is evident where the services offered are of excellent quality and you get the value for your money.

You have two plans to pick from; that is the 6-month and one-year packages. The subscription fees are friendly and you get a decent discount from them. For instance, the one-year plan gives you an extra year of usage, translating to an 80% discount. Advantages of going premium with iTop VPN include access to thousands of servers worldwide and having ad, malware, and tracker blockers.

Security and Privacy

This VPN service assures you of browsing security and privacy, which is one of the main reasons for getting a VPN.  When using it, you can mask your VPN, which helps keep off intruders who may want to trace your location.

In addition, you have the malware, ad, and tracker blocker feature, which as earlier hinted is available when you go premium. It is an assurance of keeping off viruses and other malicious programs from your system.

Geo-restriction free

A VPN is not a VPN if you cannot use it to access content from different countries. It has access to 1800+ servers worldwide, meaning you can access material without any hassles. The fact that it delivers on this promise is a plus to its legitimacy aspect.

Final Word

When looking for a VPN service or any utility that you want to use on your PC you have to ensure that it is legitimate. In this piece, our focus is on iTop VPN, one of the best utilities to have if you want a secure browsing session.

As we can see, it spares no effort to come out as a credible program that will serve you diligently. If you want the best service, it is advisable to go for its premium packages.

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