The Importance of Secure File Transfer in Businesses

In a modern business world, it isn’t our products or availability that gives us the edge, but rather it is our knowledge. Knowledge is an intangible asset to a business that can quickly give it a competitive edge over its rivals, and thus keeping it safe and out of the hands of competitors is vital. Understanding where your knowledge is kept and how to keep it safe is important to your business. Transferring files and business data is one of those vulnerable points that can easily be protected.

Your Data is Important

With the ever-increasing risk of data breaches and theft, and the potentially devastating consequences it can have for your business, being aware and educated about data security is of the utmost importance to a business. Many businesses, even smaller ones, are employing cybersecurity experts to help them protect their business data from bad actors. Understanding where your data is kept, how it is transferred and when it is vulnerable are all important steps in understanding how to keep it safe. Even the best and safest data warehousing and storage policies are at risk if the way files are transferred isn’t considered and understood.

Files are Vulnerable During Transfer

There are many reasons why you might need to send files to an external person or company and having a secure way to do so means that you’re negating a lot of the risk involved in this process. There are so many ways this data could be intercepted and stolen during this transfer that having a solid way of performing the transfer is mandatory.

A cloud drive share link that leaks or is discovered, or more complex man in the middle attacks should all be on your radar as possible attack vectors. Using a secure file transfer service means that these files are only ever made available to those they are intended for. A service like GoAnywhere has an enterprise secure file transfer software for your business to take the unknowns and risks out of these file transfers.

How Secure File Transfer Works

Secure file transfer works by adding encryption to all levels of the file transfer, even mitigating some of the human error or ignorance and supporting compliance controls like SOX, HIPAA and GDPR in the process.

It works to replace existing file sharing tools and options with a more secure one. At a core level it protects these file transfers by encrypting both the files and the transfer stream itself, meaning that anyone who manages to tap into the transfer wouldn’t be able to access or decrypt the files that are being transferred. It also allows the IT department and staff full control over all policies on sharing, access and updates to these files.

You don’t need to worry about vulnerable company data being stolen if your cybersecurity practices are kept up to date and you use best-in-class options for data protection and theft mitigation. Secure file transfer is just one tool out of many to keep your data under lock and key where it belongs.

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