The Diseases Caused by The Houseflies – How to Eradicate the Problem 

House flies, as the name says, are the flies that are found flying around inside the house. They are the type of nuisance that will make one feel unpleasant about the food they eat, and the drinks they consume in the house because these flies tend to sit on anything spoil the quality of food. Every time they sit on something will make them the carriers of bacteria or fungi spores that are stuck on their feet.

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Houseflies and diseases

Houseflies feed on the trash, faeces, spoiled meats, etc., and other such damaged or rotten things. These are the places where they can pick some pathogens and bacteria. They become the carriers of these disease-causing organisms and will leave behind a hint of these dangerous organisms, every time they land on something. Hence, houseflies are also considered the carriers of some dangerous disease-causing pathogens.

Every place where the flies land or feed will have their vomit or faeces. Hence, all the surfaces that they land on will be the non-safe area for doing anything there, be it cooking, eating, or even relaxing for a few minutes.

Diseases caused by the houseflies

Here are some diseases that are caused by housefly infestations.

  • Typhoid
  • Anthrax
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cholera
  • Salmonella

Eradicating the housefly infestations at home

Here are some ways of eradicating housefly infestations in your home.

  • Maintaining food hygiene 

The food hygiene process is the first step towards eradicating the chances of diseases spreading from the house flies. This can be done by making sure that the raw materials for food preparations are stored safely away from the reach of flies, ingredients are thoroughly cleaned and washed before their usage, and so on.

  • Discard the breeding sites 

Some specific environments in the house can serve as the breeding sites for houseflies. This includes the places where the garbage is dumped, irregular cleaning of the animal sheds, and so on. Taking care of such breeding sites can eradicate the chances of housefly manifestation in your surroundings.

  • Hiring the professional help 

The best way of eradicating the housefly issue from the root is by making sure that you get the periodic fumigation done on your surroundings with the help of professional pest control services. They will know very well about addressing the housefly infestation issues and will offer the right solution for all your problems.

Some houses will have the installation of fly control lights around their houses. These lights exhibit a certain wavelength of light rays that are quite addictive for the flies. The flies cannot avoid their attraction towards the light even if they try hard and end up getting killed by the rays emitted from these lamps. Hence, the experts suggest installing them all around your house to get rid of housefly intrusion into your home.

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