The Benefits of Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are a great choice for any business. They do not need to be waxed and buffed. They only need the occasional concrete polishing service. They are also very long-lasting and durable. Polished concrete floors also look good in both commercial and industrial applications. Concrete can even be stained or dyed to suit your business’ aesthetics. Read on to learn more about the benefits of concrete floors.

Concrete Floors are Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of going with concrete for your business’ flooring is its affordability. You do not have to pay to have a tile or hardwood floor installed. Instead, you can simply use your building’s concrete foundation as your floor. All you have to do is get it polished and it is ready for use. This will save you money, as polishing a concrete floor will almost always be cheaper than having an entirely new floor installed.

Concrete is Long-Lasting

Concrete is a tough material that can last for decades if properly maintained. You don’t need to worry about tiles cracking or hardwood splitting. Concrete can handle anything from light commercial wear to heavy industrial usage.

Concrete is Resistant to Mold & Moisture

Other types of flooring, especially hardwood, are susceptible to moisture damage. Moisture can cause hardwood to warp and split. This can result in expensive repairs. Also, hardwood can get moldy when exposed to moisture. This mold can cause respiratory diseases in your employees and customers.

Concrete flooring, especially properly polished concrete flooring, is resistant to moisture damage. This means that it is also resistant to mold.

There are an Infinite Number of Styles & Designs

Perhaps one of the most underrated benefits of concrete flooring is its aesthetic versatility. When most people think of concrete floors, they think of the standard gray color flooring. However, concrete can be stained or dyed in virtually any style. This means that you can have your business’ concrete floor stained or dyed to match your brand.

Concrete Requires Very Little Maintenance

Another important benefit of concrete is the low amount of maintenance it requires. Tile and hardwood floors must be waxed and buffed on a regular basis. This can be expensive if you hire someone to do it or very time-consuming if you decide to do it yourself. Concrete does not need to be waxed or buffed. After it has been polished, it only needs to be mopped every week or so.

Concrete is Environmentally Friendly

One of the most underrated benefits of occasional concrete polishing service is its friendliness to the environment. Hardwood floors may not be sourced from sustainably harvested lumber. The waxing and buffing products used for tile floors often contain chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment. On the other hand, the production of concrete does not consume natural resources in an unsustainable way. Toxic buffing and waxing products are also not used for concrete floors. Concrete even serves as a natural insulator, which means that you won’t have to consume as much electricity when running your HVAC system.

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