The Art of the Bong

Technically, it is still illegal to sell drug paraphernalia in much of the world per the eyes of the local government but with the legalization growing in many areas, the sale of bongs is on the rise.  And with this, the art of creating bongs is no longer completed in the shadows.  These days you can find bong shops easily online and in many hometowns.  Not only has the creation of bongs become more acceptable, the collection of bongs has created quite a following as well.  Still, you should know the laws in your area to ensure you aren’t crossing any legal lines.

One of the most popular mediums for the creation of bongs is glass.  The smooth lines and ability to manipulate the glass allows the artist to truly make something unique.  Glass blowing itself has been an artform for many centuries.  It’s a delicate art that requires speed, patience, creativity, and, and confidence.  A quick look online proves that the glass bong is a beautiful piece of art and is readily available in a variety of forms.

Like many glass creations, the glass bong starts as a small bubble, teetering on the edge of an extremely hot hollowed out metal rod. The artist rolls the rod on a metal frame while blowing into one end to expand the bubble and begin to create its intended form.  If you’ve ever watched glass blowing presentations, or the immensely popular Netflix show Blown Away, you’re familiar with the process.  The artists make it look effortless but having taken a one time glass blowing class, I can tell you it is anything but effortless.  And while there are a variety of materials bongs can be created from, it is the artistry that makes glass bongs the most collectable. The other incredible detail is that no two bongs are created equal.  Being handmade, it is virtually impossible to create an exact replica.  This adds to the collectable factor in that you will truly own a one of a kind piece.

According to, one of the most expensive collectable bongs in 2019 sold for a whopping one million dollars.  “The Throne” was a collaborative effort by several glass blowers to create a piece that not only catches the eye, but invokes conversation about the artistry.  And if that’s not enough to prove bong collecting is gaining steam, “The Throne” wasn’t the only bong sold for one million dollars that year.  Another piece by Kevin Murray sold for one million dollars as well.  Both pieces are incredibly unique with intricate details and thought provoking design.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take one million dollars to start your bong collection, and you can go in any direction you want.  Perhaps glass isn’t your favorite material?   Both silicone and ceramic bongs are beautiful in their own rights.  Whatever direction you decide, it is clear there are a variety of bongs available in any price range and in multiple themes.  The craft is one with a history that is just beginning to unfold, despite the creation dating back centuries.  As legalization continues to grow, one can only imagine the limits of this art form.

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