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The 8 Steps to a Successful Move Out Cleaning

No matter where you are moving to, you will have a lot more than packing to do and you must be prepared for it, whether you’re moving out of state, to another city, continent, or just across the street. On top of it all, you must start cleaning the house yourself before you can even put it on the market or return the keys to the landlord before your lease are up.  A move-in/move-out cleaning can be an overwhelming process, but it can be made easier with the right preparations and organization.

A simple moving house checklist will help keep things organized when it comes to cleaning; a plan, however, will ensure that the move-out cleaning goes smoothly! We’ve put together a list of useful tips to help you with moving out Rengøring  cleaning in an efficient and effective manner.

1. Pack Everything First

Don’t worry about cleaning now. Be sure to clean the insides of your cabinets and drawers as well! Having packed all your belongings into suitcases and storage boxes, you’ll need to clean the house again once you’re done. You will also have significantly more space for cleaning, without knickknacks taking up space and creating a stall. Check out these other packing tips for moving.

2. Move Boxes to One Area of the House

Gather the boxes up and stack them in one corner or in a separate room if you cannot transport them to a storage facility or your new apartment just yet. The rest of the house can now be thoroughly cleaned without bumping into any of your packed items! In the event you need to touch up the rest of the place, you can clean the areas where your boxes were stored once you’re completely moved out. Make a final walk-through to make sure nothing has been left behind.

3. Always Keep It Clean from Top to Bottom

During move-in and move-out cleaning, eliminate cobwebs and dust from the ceiling lights and ceiling fans. As you begin cleaning the higher areas, dust and dirt will become airborne, so we recommend wearing a face mask. Alternatively, place a rag over your mop and secure it with a rubber band for a makeshift, long-reach duster by getting on a step ladder! Wipe across the walls starting at the top and gradually working your way down, Erhvervsrengøring changing to clean rags as they become dirty. In order to avoid damaging your wall or paint when cleaning pesky wall stains, take a damp cloth that has been wrung out properly and gently rub it over them. The water should be changed frequently.

4. Polish Windows and Doors

You can remove dirt from window frames, ledges, glass panes, and tracks by wiping them down. Cleaning the glass with a window cleaner and wiping the frames with a slightly damp cloth will remove stains and marks. Vacuuming or wiping the tracks will also remove stains and marks. You should also do the same for your doors and doorframes around the house to ensure thorough cleaning.

5. Clean Light Switch Covers and Wall Plates

Cleaning is one of those chores we tend to overlook when it comes to these household items. The accumulation of fingerprints, paint, and grime forms a gummy layer over time.  The cleaner should be sprayed directly on cloth (not on plate) and wiped clean.

6. Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Depending on the condition of your kitchen counters and cabinets, a deep clean may be necessary. Landlords will scrutinize your kitchen with a microscope before returning your deposit, after all. It may be necessary to go the extra mile to ensure that the kitchen smells good and is sanitized for tenants moving in.

7. Vacuum, mop, and sweep the entire house

The best way to clean the whole house at one time is to sweep, vacuum, and mop. It is possible to transfer dirt and dust from other rooms into a newly Rengøringshjælp cleaned room when you sweep and mop one room at a time. In turn, this extends the cleaning process unnecessarily. Then mop the floors thoroughly for a lasting shine. Start by sweeping and vacuuming each room thoroughly. Replace the water regularly.

8. Save the Bathrooms for Last

What’s the reason? It is likely that you and your family members or helpers will use the bathrooms a lot during your overall move-out cleaning. The best time to clean them is after everyone has almost finished using them. Those surfaces are probably dirty by now, so they’ll require a thorough cleaning to become spotless and gleaming. Wipe the mirror and bathtub with a dry cloth.

Although CleanMyTribe is confident that you will handle a successful move-out clean, they would be happy to assist you in moving out cleaning so that the next owners will find the house immaculate!

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