The 5 Modern Technologies Enhancing Industrial and Commercial Packaging

Commercial packaging has come a long way since it first began. From simple cardboard boxes to advanced technology-driven solutions, it’s incredible how far the industry has progressed. Modern technologies have benefited commercial packaging, allowing businesses to create more efficient and cost-effective solutions. The article will explore modern technologies that are currently enhancing commercial packaging.

1. Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) are automated robots helping companies become more efficient and reduce costs in their packaging processes. MiR robots can transport loads up to 1000kgs, such as packages, cartons, and pallets, across large distances. These robots can move autonomously through the warehouse while avoiding obstacles and people.

Additionally, these automatic guided vehicles can connect digitally to a more extensive system that enables them to coordinate with other robots and facilitate the movement of packages. The robots can quickly and accurately deliver packages to their designated destinations, eliminating the need for manual labor or additional transportation. That reduces the cost of operation, boosts productivity, and improves safety.

2. Modern Pallet Wrapping Machines

Modern pallet wrapping or shrink wrap machines are modern technology that combines packaging and automation to improve the commercial packaging process dramatically. These machines can wrap pallets, bundles, and boxes with thin plastic film to secure the items in transit or storage. The process involves using a stretchable plastic film and sealing it with heat.

The process creates a protective barrier around the products and can reduce shipping costs and improve product safety. Pallet wrapping machines are automated, allowing for increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and less waste. However, it’s crucial to consider the power stretching abilities and portability for a more efficient machine. By stretching the film further, you save more on packaging materials.

3. Nano Pallet Wrapping Films

Nano wrap stretch film is a modern packaging technology gaining popularity in the commercial packaging industry. The advanced film offers improved performance and versatility compared to conventional packaging films. It features an ultra-thin and flexible design, perfect for wrapping small items or products in a secure package such as pallets.

The pallet stretch wrap forms a barrier protecting products from moisture, dust, and other environmental conditions. Additionally, it can be easily recycled, making it an eco-friendly option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The advanced film is becoming more widely available as more companies recognize its potential benefits, such as reducing costs and wastage.

4. Smart Labels

Smart Labels are a labeling technology that offers enhanced functionality, allowing them to be helpful in various applications. Smart Labels can include RFID labels, NFC tags, QR codes, or other interactive features that are embeddable into the label itself. These labels allow businesses to track product inventory, provide traceability and authentication, or even connect customers to additional information about the product.

That can give businesses a competitive edge by allowing them to quickly and efficiently track products, improve customer experience, and provide additional data insights. The smart labels are also beneficial in marketing, capturing customer engagement, and giving more information about the product.

5. Orbital Wrapper

Orbital wrappers are a new technology that allows you to wrap your products uniquely and distinctively. They can wrap products with unique shapes, including tyres, wooden mouldings, plastic extrusions, or metal tubing. The orbital wrappers can wrap products individually or together, protecting them from damage. You can opt for either a manual or a semi-automatic orbital wrapping machine.


Commercial packaging is an essential part of any business. Not only does it protect products, but it also helps to attract customers and promote the brand. Technological advancements have recently enabled companies to take their packaging to the next level, leading to efficient packaging and reduced materials and labor costs.n However, it’s crucial to identify quality brands and materials for an efficient service and safe working environment.

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