Stunning Bob Haircuts Inspiration for This Year

Trends for brunette hair in 2022: ideas to reinvent yourself

For both the most classic and those who like to try their own hair, in the New Year’s hair of brunettes (or very dark chestnuts), nature continues to win. In other words, it is a proposal for coloring that aims to emphasize the individuality of black hair or, conversely, lower the tone toward brighter ones, but it is always easy to maintain and does not always need to be taken care of by a hairdresser.

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Pink gold

The hairstyles here adopt another very popular trend of hair coloring techniques known as ombre styles. This beautiful rose gold color shows a gradient effect. The color at the top is darker and gradually blends into the pinkish tint at the ends of the hair.

Cool blonde bob with long bangs

If you have smooth hair, this cut is tailored for you. Cool blonde colors will liven up your strands. A gentle angled bob with a subtle layer on the bottom prevents the cut from falling off. The long bangs add volume to the front and give the cut a nice and attractive finish.

Purple shadow

If you have long blonde hair, you can easily try this. The hairstyle is absolutely attractive and eye-catching. The beautiful purple shade color will make your whole look absolutely stunning. In fact, this lilac hair color can be tried at any kind of party, event, or hang out with friends. The top of the hair is black and the rest of the hair is a shade of purple.

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Curled Under Bob with Chunky Highlights

This short blonde hairstyle is perfect for work. The length from the chin to the shoulders makes it easy to wear as needed. A warm, chunky touch adds texture to the otherwise straight one-length style. The long bangs on the side parts add a nice accent to the edging of the face.

Pink chewing gum

Bubblegum Pink bob hairstyle ideas are the ultimate in everything from accessories to hair coloring. The secret to this hair color is to increase the hair polish as much as possible to give it a glossy finish. Natural softness and smooth, shiny hair are not enough for this hairstyle. All you need is a good quality hair shine spray to make your day. Medium to light flesh tones.

Cool Ash Blonde Textured Bob

This long bob’s ombre color ranges from ash to platinum blonde chips. The cut itself is layered 1-2 inches from back to front, making it ideal for girls with fine hair. Straighten your hair, then curl it with a flat iron and gently comb it with your fingers to achieve these simple, undone waves.

Turquoise color

Dull cuts are a good option for women with fine hair, but always having them can be a bit boring. If you don’t want to give up on layered volume, a good balance is to make it a little asymmetric. Turquoise is one of the great colors, so if you try this color, it will definitely look attractive.

Honey blonde layered bob

The color of this warm honey is so beautiful! Instead of dark roots on the bright edges, this color has a darker, more dirty blonde base and becomes brighter and brighter towards the face. The textured edges give this cut a nice messy look and can be completed with a small amount of styling wax on the edges.

White Blonde Angled Bob and Bangs

A layer of white blonde highlights creates this color. The three-dimensional color is displayed in full display with a long curly bob that is subtly swept from back to front. The chin bangs are swept sideways. There are some small layers on the sides and back, but the color creates most of this short hairstyle texture.

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Half-up Bun Pretty Hairstyle

This dull bob is divided into loose curls and a warm natural blonde color. Wearing bread is a good way to straighten your hair at this length. With such a versatile cut, you can also do deep side parts and middle parts.

Asymmetric chopped cool blonde bob

This is one of the very cute hairstyles for girls. Asymmetric Bob is a playful and unique haircut design. Choppy layers create an easy texture, and shy-colored undertones bring out the cut. This style also has a medium length texture that is straightened and swept to the sides.

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