Steps taken after a workplace accident occurs in Philadelphia 

Workers often face dangers in their workplace, and employers can ensure an efficient reporting procedure and take steps to prevent such mishaps. In this blog, you will learn what steps you should take after a workplace accident. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you with such cases. 

Assessment of the injury

The primary and essential step to take when an unfortunate accident occurs at the workplace is to take the victim immediately to a nearby clinic. In case if the Company has a supervisor or medical team on-site, they should be addressed immediately about the incident. If the injuries are minor, employers can consult the healthcare provider assigned by the Company’s worker’s compensation carrier or a provider at a nearby walk-in clinic. 

Securing the scene

The employer should secure the site quickly if any serious accident has occurred. The employers should limit access to the incident scene to preserve enough evidence. They should also save the materials and equipment involved in the accident. 

Reporting the accident

The employer should speak with the one who has witnessed the accident and take it in writing, or maybe a recording will do. Also, collect more evidence from the accident spot by clicking pictures and videos where exactly it took place. Employers are required to maintain a record of the work-related 

Communicate your concern

The Employee should talk with the victim’s employment and convey their concern as soon as possible. Keep in mind to have a healthy and open conversation with the injured employer, ensuring that their health and safety are the Company’s priority. Employers should also have a lookout for other employees and talk with the ones disturbed emotionally by the impact of the incident. 

Establishing returning to work program

The longer the worker is absent from the job due to an accident, the more difficult it gets for them to start afresh. Employers should implement a return to work program to help the injured worker return safely and quickly. Later on, Employers should request the injured worker to submit a medical note with instructions after visiting the physician. 

Prevent future accidental incidents

The Company’s owner, including Employees, should see the root cause of the actual incident to avoid such incidents in the future. 

So, addressing the issues and dealing with them will help you stay away from legal complexities after an injury of an employee. 

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