It’s difficult for people who want but can’t find love and feel very lonely and unhappy to imagine that some people can actually want to break up with their partners. Psychologists with their quite simplified approach to life don’t see it as a problem and believe all it takes to end a relationship with someone is some courage to break the bad news. They think once you tell your partner that you’re breaking up with them, your relationship will be over. However, it’s not that easy in life. For this reason people often look for alternative ways to end their relationship with someone. Sometimes people decide to use spells to make someone go away allowing them to minimize damage while breaking up with the partner and possibly even benefit from it.

When two people break up, they inevitably become either strangers or enemies to each other which is just as common. A rejected person will always feel humiliated and betrayed. Some people can bear a grudge against their ex all their life. Thus, it’s hard to imagine that a rejected ex-spouse will ever love your children as much as before or, for example, agree to pay spousal support amicably without trying to get back at you. So people who need help ending a relationship peacefully and quickly often go to magic practitioners and buy break-up spells or learn about and cast break-up spells at home. The latter is what we’ll talk about today. Trust an expert esoteric authority like Spellcaster Maxim to provide all the support you need to end that unhealthy union.


Imagine you’re being stalked by someone you don’t want to have anything to do with, such as a coworker who thinks he has a shot with you, or your ex-husband, or any other man whom you told very clearly that you were not interested in him but who doesn’t seem to understand it and is very persistent.

Drive to a forest or a river and find and pick up a stone. On your way back make a stop at a store and buy a plain white handkerchief. When you come back home (the ritual can be performed at any time during the day as long as the moon is waning), put a candle on the table, take an ink pen, and write the following information on the handkerchief:

  • The name of the person who you want to be out of your life;
  • This person’s date of birth;
  • Things you don’t like about this person;
  • The reason you want to be left alone;
  • How long the spell should stay effective – it needs about a week.

When you finish, put the stone in the middle of the handkerchief and tie up the opposite ends to make a bundle. Now go to the roof of any tall building in your area (in the past, the caster would go to a cliff) and say:

“Thank you stone. I took you from your home but now I’m letting you go. Go away, go back. As you do it, pull his attention and interest in me to where you came from, so tomorrow morning when he wakes up he won’t remember about me. When he remembers about me, he’ll realize he no longer needs me. Please, help me, Stone. I believe you’ll help me soon. In one week it’ll be over and (the person’s name) will stop interfering with my life forgetting about me once and for good. Fly away. Go back! Do as I ask!”

Throw the stone as far as you can. The spell is considered completed, so nothing else is required from you. Just wait for one week and see what happens.

Here is another spell to get rid of someone which can be cast in case you no longer love your husband or boyfriend who still loves you. Take four onions and put them in a warm place. As soon as you see the first sprouts, cut them off with a rusty knife and say:

“I’ve killed your (the person’s name) love along with the sprouts. Your heart is now as empty as this onion. You’ll forget about me giving me freedom like I forget about the onion that I’m going to throw out.”

While saying this spell, squeeze each onion in your hand to squeeze some onion juice and toss the onion into a garbage can. Add the juice into the soup or vegetable stew served to the target the same day. Make sure not to try or eat it yourself. If you want, cook something else. It’s up to you.

Perform this ritual three times. Most likely, the first ritual will fail. Just remember that like all spells to make someone go away, this spell can’t be undone. When you cast it, you’ll lose the target forever. So make sure it’s really what you need and want.


If you want to break up with someone you have children with and you want to make sure your partner doesn’t start ignoring your children and disregarding their needs after you break up, use the following spell to keep someone away. Take a candle and take it out in the sun. When it melts (stay there until it happens), pull the fuse out and use the wax to sculpt what looks like a human body.

Now pull three strings out of any item of clothing of your child. Roll them up into a ball and press them into the wax doll’s stomach while the wax is soft. Smooth the wax out to cover the strings. Bring the doll and the candle fuse home, put them away, and don’t touch them for three days.

This ritual is performed during the first three days of a new moon, so the next stage begins on the fourth day of the same lunar cycle. Put the doll on the table, light the fuse, and let it burn all the way down, while saying:

“The fuse has burned down and it’s gone. Your love’s disappeared without a trace. Your heart will be free from thoughts about me like this fuse burns all the way down. Your feelings will fade away like the fuse disappears. You’ll wake up tomorrow and realize it’s time for you to leave. You’ll leave me but will remember and love our child (children) forever. You’ll never push them away. You’ll never hurt them. No matter what happens to me (your name), no matter what happens to you (the target’s name), our children will always be your top priority in life. The fuse has burned. The spell has been cast. We’re breaking up. But the feelings for our child (children) will always be with you.”

Collect the ashes with your hands and wash them off with tap water. Put the doll away and keep it to ensure a close and loving relationship between the child and the target. Speaking of the target, he will probably do exactly as you described in the ritual. He’ll leave you but will never stop loving or taking care of your children.

To divide property the way you want after a divorce and, moreover, to make your spouse be the one to file for a divorce, cast the following spell to make someone move away. Take a picture of every piece of property you want to keep. Print out the pictures, cut them in half, take two envelopes, write your name on one and your spouse’s name on the other.

Now take three candles. Write your name and the name of your spouse on one candle, your name on the second candle, and your spouse’s name on the last candle. Put the last two candles away and put the first candle on the table and light it. Sit still with your eyes on the flame while the candle is burning which should be for a few hours, and keep whispering the following spell:

“Our relationship will end like this candle is going to burn all the way down. Our relationship will turn to ashes like this candle is turning to wax. There’s no way back for us. We’ll never be together again. Everyone will be on their own.”

When the candle burns all the way down and dies out, light the candle with the man’s name and say:

“We were together. We were happy together. But it’s time to break up and move forward on our own. But upon leaving, you’ll leave behind…”

List everything you want to keep after a divorce.

“I’m not asking, not insisting, not begging but commanding you (the man’s name) with the power of my powerful magiсto give me everything I want.”

Light the envelope with the candle fire and let it burn down along with its contents.

Now light your candle (the candle with your name on it) and say:

“That’s it. Now I’m free. Here’s what I get to keep when you’re gone.”

Blow out the candle and put it away along with the envelope with your name. It’s believed that your spouse will offer you to get divorced soon and let you keep everything you wanted. When it happens, take the candles to the opposite parts of your city and leave them there. Like the candles, you’ll never be together with your spouse again.

Unfortunately, there are too many spells to make someone go away to tell about them all in a single article. So if you’re interested in any specific spells, let us know and we’ll tell you about them as well.

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