Social Media and Car Accident Claims in Eugene 

Getting into a car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences for the victims, especially when the accident is severe. Often car accidents do not come prepared. Someone else being careless behind the wheel can cost you your money and well-being. Fortunately, you can hold them accountable and get monetary compensation with the assistance of an experienced Eugene car accident attorney.  

Although the process for filing compensation is easy, getting the proper compensation is one of the significant challenges victims face. If you have no knowledge about the law or how to deal with the insurance company, there are chances that you are putting your compensation amount at risk. 

After you apply for compensation, the insurance company cannot give you financial compensation right away. The insurance company investigates your case to determine liability and the compensation amount. Your social media is also observed during this period, even when you may not be aware. 

Can the insurance company keep an eye on your social media?

Yes, the insurance company can monitor your social media activity. Of course, the insurance company cannot invade your privacy or ask you to show who you talk to and what you talk about. But, the insurance company can see the pictures you upload and stories. Many victims are unaware of this, which causes them to lower or lose their compensation amount. 

For example, you are healing from your injuries in the house. You went through your old pictures and decided to post an old photo of your vacation during the period. If there is no date and time stamp on the image, the insurance company will assume that your picture is recent and you are faking your injuries to get compensation. Even if you think your account is private and they would not be able to see it, it may be surprising, but nothing on the internet is as private as you think. 

What can you do to protect your car accident claim?

One of the best ways to make sure your social media activity does not become an obstacle in your car accident claim is by avoiding posting anything online. Do not post your old or current picture. Avoid posting about your claim or compensation amount. If possible, try to avoid social media until the case is settled. 

Contact an attorney. 

If you have accidentally committed mistakes on social media without realizing how it affects your case, there is still time to make things better. Contact a car accident attorney who can help you understand the protective measures you should take ahead to protect your claim and get successful compensation. 

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