Six advantages of investing in real estate

When it comes to investment types that have good returns and are still popular at the top, it is believed that there must be a name for real estate investing, because whether it is a business owner or a salaryman can invest. For those who want to invest in real estate but still have two minds, let’s look at six advantages of real estate investors that have been compiled for you to decide on Indonesia Investment.

Covid-19 Slams The Economy, Dragging The Real Estate Market

The aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic in the second quarter of 2020 caused the lockdown to affect the country’s major business sectors. Many companies have to announce reducing the number of employees, reducing salaries, and adjusting organizational sizes. To manage cost and profit or severe to the point of closing the business. A major crisis has made many consumers wary of spending money and reduced spending on luxury goods, which affected the housing market greatly. You will know better from Real Estate Market News.

Combine the advantages of real estate investment

1. High returns, can be speculative Rent is good

Real estate investing is an investment that offers multiple returns. It also yields relatively high returns. Especially in prime locations or business areas, It increases the chance of profit with rising land prices. You can also buy Colorado Real Estate to keep for future speculation and can be rented out to generate income while waiting to be released. It’s called a double profit ever.

2. No need to go out and invest all by yourself

Even if the real estate has a high value, they do not need to take out all their funds. Because they can borrow money from financial institutions to invest, Therefore, it is not uncommon that many salarymen Turning to invest in houses and condominiums more Because just choosing the right location and having good credit to borrow money from financial institutions, you can now play the role of a real estate investor.

3. Tax abatement

This is a critical advantage that property considers extremely useful. Especially with the salaryman group Because real estate installments can be used for tax deduction according to the conditions set by the government. Each year the tax can be used for a maximum of 100,000 baht, thus becoming another way to manage money. For those who want to pay less tax.

4. Relatively low volatility compared to other types of investments

It is well known among investors that the ups and downs of real estate prices often take years. And because of this low volatility rate, real estate investors have a certain degree of assurance that their investment will not disappear quickly. In contrast to investing in stocks that are always volatile.

5. Turn the house into money by selling it for a deposit.

If you want to spend a sum of money, Investors can convert real estate into money by selling a deposit. Consigning consignment is a contract of sale to transfer ownership to a person. Which has an agreement that the seller can request to redeem the property back within the period specified in the contract; for example, must redeem within three years or ten years, etc.

6. A new home for yourself and your children

Another advantage of Florida Real Estate investing is that in the future, if you don’t want to resell. The purchased property can be converted into a second home or passed on as an inheritance to offspring. Of course, in the long run, real estate will increase in value and become a big gift for important people.

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