Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Freelance Writing Game

A freelance writing career is a fascinating one, with many perks including the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime. Freelance writers can sell anything, from short stories to short essays, from magazine articles to ghostwriting, you can cash your writing in many ways. 

However, it is not all a cakewalk. Many things can become a roadblock in your freelance writing game. It could be a creative block, some networking issue, or simply grammatical errs. 

This article includes some simple tips that are easy to imbibe into your daily routine to overcome any obstacle and get improved productivity.

1. Make a strong network

A network of strong and like-minded people can help you get some amazing gigs. Social media platforms are amazing places to find potential clients and people who might help you get some good work. Be active on such platforms to create a solid network.

2. Make a good portfolio

A good portfolio is the face of your work. It should include your writing sample from different domains of your work. Make sure your writing format is uniform across the files. For example, they should be in PDF and should have the same formatting. If the files are too large, you can resize PDF to optimize the portfolio folder. It can be done using online tools like PDFSimpli which is one of the best PDF compressor online.

3. Start blogging

Networking can become a lot easier if you blog consistently. People interact with your content and connect with you easily. You can blog about anything- showcase your skills like cooking, traveling, writing, or anything, to the world. Understand the concept of SEO to promote your content better. Sooner or later, you will find positive results from it. 

4. Have multiple clientele and domains

Do not stick to one client and domain to write for and about. There should always be a backup or Plan B if the first thing does not work out well. Write about different things for different clients according to their requirements. This will help you grow your skill set and knowledge.

5. Learn to get rejected

There comes a time in your freelancing career, when you face constant rejection. It is not always because of your work, it might be because of various reasons. Do not take it too hard upon yourself, instead work on yourself to become a better version.


Some simple tips can help you grow your freelance writing career, or overcome a roadblock. 

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