Remote Learning Guide: Here Is How You Can Keep Kids Engaged Online

The education system is experiencing a major upheaval. The coronavirus pandemic has caused schools around the globe to operate virtually. In the United States, as soon as the virus started spreading, the K-12 school system and colleges were closed. However, these dramatic changes were taken to curb the spread of the virus around the country but it was not the most beneficial decision for the teachers.

Remote teaching and learning were not as common asin personeducation. Younger kids had little knowledge of how they can learn by accessing the internet in their homes. Similarly, the teachers were oblivious to the online teaching techniques and tools that were necessary to make the experiencea whole lot easier and effective.

Instead, this abrupt decision of turning homes into mini schools for kids and teachers started showing its aftermaths in the form of technological and concentration issues. While some teachers were fighting againsttheir slow internet service at home, some teachers were Googling the tools to keep kids concentrated while performing lectures online. While there is an easy solution to have good internet service at home there’s a lot to earn when it comes to engaging students in remote teaching and learning. get more information Jasmine Woods Conway SC

For having a good internet service that offers reliability and affordability, teachers at home need to have a look at the Cox internet service. The Cox internet prices are affordable and its service speaks reliability in all aspects. The high-speed internet service provider makes the online teaching and learning process super easy to its fast internet speed and reliable service.

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Now that we know which internet service to get in touch with for a reliable internet connection at home, it is time to go through tips and techniques of keeping kids engaged during online classes:

Simplifying the Curriculum

The first thing that you need to do as a teacher is to be empathetic towards your students. Instead of expecting them to perform their best from the comfort of their home, you need to realize that this experience is as new for them as it is for anybody else.

Therefore, teachers must simplify the teaching process for students. Instead of focusing on teaching them new and complex things, the teacher needs to revise the old curriculum for the students. This is because by preparing the old subjects you can brush up their skills and catch their attention easily.

Using Sound and Lighting

Not only kids, but even adults have started feeling lonelier, alienated due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Kids especially are struggling to understand the current situation withwhat is happening around the globe. Kids have not only lost their routines to the pandemic but are also stuck within their houses without gettingto meet their friends and teachers like they used to on campus.

Therefore, in times like these, it is up to the teacher to find out ways to grab the attention of students on an online platform. The easier way to grasp their attention is by having good light and sound quality set up while teaching. If you have a dim light and constantly troubling sound system, you will quickly lose the attention of your students. Therefore, make sure you invest in a good quality light system and audio systems.

Using Music and Games

As a teacher, you know how behind schedule your classes arerunning on curriculum.However, burdening yourself or your students with loads of work won’t help in situations like this. The coronavirus pandemic has managed to play with everyone’s mind be it an adult, to a kid. Everyone is constantly stressing themselves out with what’s going on around them. In such times coming up with interesting ideas such as involving music and games in your online lectures will help you and your kids to have a fun time and become less stressed.

There are several kids activities online that you can perform with your kids that will help them learn problem-solving skills and increase their knowledge.

Apart from this, you can also have music class sessions in between your lectures to get the attention of your students back to the complex instructions.

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In classes on campus, teachers had to do less effort to retain the attention of the students. However, in online classes teachers have to put a lot of effort into gaining the student’s attention. One easy way to connect your students to your lectures is by forming your instructions in a way that encourages student participation.

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Ask kids questions at the end or in the middle of the lecture so that they will realize how important it is to be focused in an online class.

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