Reasons why stickers are a powerful marketing tool for Ecommerce 

Have you read or heard about sticker marketing, but cannot really imagine how those sticky pieces of paper or plastic can help you reach your business goals? Are you unsure how you could possibly use stickers in your industry? Or maybe you just want to explore alternative marketing strategies? 

In this article, we will share everything you need to know about the power of sticker marketing. We will explain why sticker printing can be a great investment, which psychological reaction they are linked to, and how you can create an offline presence for your business. Does that sound good? Then let’s jump in. 

Why invest in stickers?

Stickers are an incredibly versatile marketing tool. You can use them to label your products, shipping boxes or merchandise, brand storefront or hand out at events. On top of that, they are very affordable. Especially when you order them in bulk, they only come to a few cents per sticker. 

This comparatively small investment can create an amazing return. Let’s just look at one of the world’s biggest brands, Coca Cola. Do you remember their ‘Share a Coke with’ campaign? The brand used sticky labels to give each bottle a name. This prompted consumers to go on the hunt for their name or the names of friends and family to share and post them on social media. 

Through something as simple as stickers, Coca Cola’s sales grew from 1.7bn servings to 1.9bn servings a day! 

Cater to the real world 

The Coca Cola example also shows how sticker marketing can help you bridge the on- and offline world. While the rewards of digital marketing are incredible, do not neglect your offline channels. Oftentimes consumers are less receptive to marketing messages online as many social media platforms are oversaturated with ads. 

With custom stickers, you can easily cater to the offline world. Marketing strategies can, of course, be measured in spreadsheets, but oftentimes, the final purchase decision happens in the mind of a consumer. The difficulty is creating enough exposure for your brand to pop up in consumers’ minds when they make a decision. 

Branded custom stickers can quickly become condensed versions of your brand, symbolizing the values and beliefs your business stands for. 

The rule of reciprocity

You can take this tip even further by adding free stickers with every purchase or every order. Did you know that we do not perceive stickers as a marketing tool? Much rather, we see them as gifts. The giving of gifts is an incredibly powerful advertising strategy that plays with a psychological mechanism called the rule of reciprocity.

When we receive a gift, we feel the need to return the favor by giving something back. In this particular context, this favor can take the form of a repeat purchase, a shoutout on social media or a well-intended recommendation. 

Gift-giving is a great way to forge positive associations connected to your brand. These positive feelings can influence future purchase decisions, making your customers more likely to buy your products again. If you love this tip, use custom vinyl stickers to create your free stickers. Vinyl makes them scratch-resistant and waterproof, giving your customers the best possible experience. 

Are you ready to give sticker marketing a try? We hope so and cannot wait to see you hit your goals. Please feel free to share your designs and experiences with us in the comment sections below.

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